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  1. [quote=Kimmie,Aug 3 2004, 08:05 PM]ur the semi famous guy on the advert, how cool is that! if julie gets ur autograph, can i have one too lol! i hear ur writing music too![/quote] Ha Ha!! Cool!!
  2. Most definately!! Stick around! We'll make a Will Smith fan outta ya yet!!
  3. No he isn't!! It was just a theoretical question!!
  4. AWESOME PIX!! Will's looking kinda suave!! Can't wait to get a pic with him..............hopefully!!
  5. So you can empathise with us!! You are also a victim yourself!
  6. But it IS julie!!! She can handle us poor innocent guys!! **Widens eyes and sticks bottom lip out**
  7. Welcome!! We're all a great family here!! But as Prince said keep on posting!! :grouphug:
  8. JULIE AND HER THIEF FRIEND KIMMIE ARE MY BULLIES!! There.........I said it! Now STOP tormenting me with socks!!! :tear: :tear: :tear:
  10. "I thought she was in the bathroom!!"
  11. Me and Prince don't wish to speak to criminals and their associates!! How do we know ur not as bad as her!!! I bet u taught her everything you know!!! THIEFS!!!! :bowrofl: :nana:
  12. I too have been bullied. I now have a terrifying phobia of socks. I just can't take it anymore! :tear: :tear: I just look at socks and i feel sick. I also don't wanna say who has been doing the bullying. If i do things will get worse! This morning i woke up with half a sock on my pillow :eek4: [b]WHEN WILL ALL THE MADNESS STOP??[/b]
  13. Poor Julie is being victimised!!! Shame you didn't care about all the victims you mugged!!!!!!
  14. lol!!! This is like watching the scene of an accident!!! So engrossing!!!
  15. Ha Ha!!!!!! Prince you have a deathwish!!!! :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  16. LOL!!!!! :laugh2: :bowrofl: :laugh2: :hilarious: :shaketheroom: :hilarious: :bowrofl: :shaketheroom: Thats classic!!!
  17. You better start saying your goodbye's Princey Boy!! Time is ticking!! :toetap:
  18. Me too!!! I' starting to wonder about you!! Don't come near me.....unless you wanna get a pair of socks thrown at you!!
  19. [quote=Prince,Aug 3 2004, 05:49 PM][quote=Da Brakes,Aug 3 2004, 05:46 PM] [b]IMPOSTERS!!!![/b] I hearby banish Tim from the board and I assume all responsibility as Administrator!!!!  :bowrofl:  :bowrofl:  :bowrofl:[/quote] :: Sigh :: The last one to leave the forum please switch off the lights! :ughwerd: :speechless: [/quote] Prince, i'm afraid your no longer welcome at this forum!! As of tomorrow morning you [b]WILL[/b] be banned. As of now there is a [b]ZERO TOLERANCE[/b] policy!! You mess with me......and you will be banned!!! ***EVIL LAUGH***
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