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  1. haha cool!! cheers for that!
  2. and besides, jeff said he doesn't really car what people say on his records!
  3. He has always said that music is his 1st love!!
  4. thanks any way!! cant wait for Kanye!
  5. Its definately not the 4th!! We would have heard something if it was!
  6. Busta and Will would be amazing.......nuff said!
  7. Following in the footsteps of Johnny Depp and Madonna, actor Will Smith is also planning to buy a house in England. The 'I, Robot' actor, told the Daily Star in an interview that he wants a place in the heart of London. "It's a bit of a secret, but I am looking for a place. I want to live in London, it's so cool," Smith was quoted as saying. "I want to be in the centre of things so that I can do some work over here and have my family around me at the same time," he added. (ANI) :rock:
  8. Cool man!! I'm not actually quite sure what you mean, but i'll listen to it and try to figure it out! :thumb:
  9. Will: "What colour thong do y'all thing will go best with this!"
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