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  1. I heard a clip from NY on the radio and Will was saying how he almost made a song but didnt want to overdo it. He kinda regrets it.
  2. Yes thats exactly what ive been waiting for! Yeah they should have used a version of summertime that Will knew, i know the song like the back of my hand but i got confused with that one. Its actually kinda cool to see Will and Jaden on stage together and only Will could have a premier with fireworks at the end lol.
  3. Ah looks like its nearly over, they must just be doing inteviews and not hanging round for Jeff. At least i can sleep and watch it 2moro.
  4. No mention of JJFP yet, Jeff is there bcoz he tweeted about it.
  5. I felt so sorry for the guys interviewing him, they didnt ask bad questions but he just didnt get it haha. He looked like he just couldnt be bothered with the whole thing.
  6. Watch NOW! http://uk.eonline.com/ Oh why would you do this to me, i was just about to head off to bed after a 12 hour shift, now im sat here waiting for JJFP lol.
  7. Agreed! We've been waiting for years, now we have what looks like a great film and a possible performance from JJFP. I'll really take anything i can get right now.
  8. Well he said when the kids are teens they might give them a break from showbiz, he may pick it up then. There must be something going on, why would Jeff post a pic and say "Coming soon".
  9. "Thats why his ass got schtuck" OMG thats an even better quote than "Joker lucky i ddnt sucker punch him"
  10. hmm strange this is coming out after slap gate, im a bit reluctant to believe it, but then if hadnt of seen it i wouldnt have believed Will would have slapped that guy either lol. Will has gone all gangsta!
  11. I am really surprised we havnt heard anything from the reporter, theres still time.
  12. Is it wrong im debating whether to have this as my signature picture hahaha! Love it!
  13. Thats it, this has finished me off. Right then, im going to watch this for the next 30 minutes to see if i can wean myself of laughng at it.
  14. Ok that video replaying the slap over and over in slow mo just killed me. This just keeps getting funnier. But yeah the homophobic thing is so dumb, some people were saying it would be the same if a guy tried to kiss Cameran Diaz or something. Even if Will was gay, it doesnt give anyone the right to kiss him on the lips. I love that the majority of people are on Wills side. People might not mess with him again lol. "Sometimes ya'll mistake nice for soft!"
  15. wow hes not bad for a 13 year old, much better than that Justin Beiber one he did.
  16. This is the best thing to happen since that peach fight in the hotel. I saw the headline and thought it would be in a jokey way, but when i saw the video i couldnt believe he did that. Then after watching i can totally see why he did it haha. I cant tell if the guy was going for the lips but either way he was in Wills space and i think a backhand slap was Will holding himself back, if there were no cameras im sure he would have knocked him out haha. Anyway highlights of the video is, the clear slap noise the backhand makes, the mortified faces of the people in the background and how quickly Will can snap back into pubic mode. On twitter hes mostly got people on his side but the odd person is saying hes a homophobe and some people are saying hes gay and for some reason scientology got brought up. People are crazy.
  17. Im really looking forward to the Graham Norton show, its anything but boring. I'll get that on tape too incase for you guys. This sounds really lame but i didnt realise how much i missed Will until hes out and about again. Ive really enjoyed going thru this thread, thanx Ale for finding all this stuff!
  18. I got it for you guys, it may take me a few days coz im super busy, lets just hope the youtube police dont tell me off.
  19. Theres no smoke without fire, too many rumours going around about this, there has to be something going on.
  20. hahaha Will playing basketball with team GB, i bet Will is a better player than the British basketball players. BTW Will is on Lorraine 2moro too, set your digiboxes coz im sure we are all in work, if no-one else puts in on youtube, i'll find time to do it at some point. I cant keep up with this thread as it is right now lol.
  21. aaahh why oh why didnt he do this in London, especially now we have the Jeff hook up lol. I hope Will does step up, im really looking forward to this!
  22. Will on the Chris Moyles show, its at 1:37:00, its only up for 7 days. Its well worth a listen! http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b01hjdty
  23. Ive just heard Will on radio 1 (i'll find a link as soon as its uploaded) that if MIB3 goes well, there could be an MIB4 but he doesnt wanna do too many sequals bcoz he has so many new ideas. The only other sequal hes really interested in apart from MIB4 is Bad Boys 3.
  24. I cannot keep up with this thread, i fell behind and im still back on page 21 lol. Loving all these interviews tho, so far no-one has asked about music!
  25. I was just watching the videos ive taken and i didnt hear it at the time but ive caught it. Skillz says "Shout out to the Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince website crew". We got a shout out and i didnt even realise!
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