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  1. Woah what a find, how has this been hidden away from us for so long? This is why i love youtube!
  2. wow, i think thats the best thing for her really. Judging from her tumblr and her twitter she doesnt seem like the happiest kid, maybe im wrong you cant really tell with these melodramtic teens these days. I think she'll have a great singing career one day, she has a great voice, but shes right, she just needs to be 12 right now. Good on Will for not pushing her into it when she didnt wanna do it. Now Will, while you kids are out playing, give us an album lol.
  3. Wait Wills middle name is Carolle? What the heck i thought it was Christopher. Ive been a fan for 14 years and i never knew this. Im confused, is he serious?
  4. http://saulepleurant.tumblr.com/ Willows tumblr is so out there. She posts really cool pictures and put poetry and videos on there, but she also posts gory pics, gothic pics and the odd thing that isnt really suitable for a 12 year old. Enjoy! lol.
  5. Willow put this pic up on her tumblr too.
  6. hahaha Will is the most embarrassing dad!
  7. Some pics from Willows Tumblr. when I was like five I had an obsession with ducks… Hence this picture my old school bf
  8. That review is great, sounds really good, they dont mention that Will isnt in it much which i thought they would pick up on, lets hope he has more screen time than we are expecting. Either way it sounds like its just up my street, Will always does well with aliens.
  9. Im the same AJ, theres nothing wrong with that style but personally im not really into it. If he brought some fire he would actually be amazing for his age. I guess its just modern rap, he needs to get some JJFP out and have a listen.
  10. Im gonna go and see it but im sure i'll be mad. First we had to deal with no more music but at least we had movies, then he dissapears for years, comes back, does MIB3, then does 10 minutes in a film and hes stopped filming anything again. Give us something Will come on, we've been patient for years now.
  11. Apparently Will is only in the film for 5-10 minutes... i'll be pissed if thats true. I hope this isnt a way of tricking people into seeing a Will Smith film just to show of Jadens talents.
  12. That looks awesome!!!! I just hope Will has enough screen time, he has a fair bit in this trailer. Either way looks like its gonna be a good one. Its got a hunger games and avatar feel to it.
  13. Trey is like Will and Jeff mixed into one person.
  14. Sorry im at my mums birthday party tonight. Have fun!
  15. lmao someone needs to make this into a "soon" meme, look at him back there creepin and watching how its done.
  16. Oh come on they could of given us a nicer picture than that. Will just take your shirt off and make my weekend please.
  17. Aw great to see them together, especially for something like this!
  18. Thanx for the bump spammer, this was a nice thread to read. We are still looking for those lost tracks.
  19. Maybe im being way to optimistic but with us meeting Jeff a couple of times this year and making ourselves known, it makes me wonder if Jeff reads this and even if Will does. If they ever want to know what their fans think, this is really the only place to come.
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