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  1. His single is number 3 on the chart and he's enetered the album chart at number 4 in the UK.
  2. I keep seeing adverts for his album all over tv, we can see where hes charted tonight. Your mate is gonna be huge over here!
  3. i love all these animal pictures, i wonder how Will is coping, im sure i read somewhere hes scared of spiders.
  4. haha i know the quotes from it are all over tumblr and everything, its so funny people think its real. He should just link his facebook with twitter like most celebs do, it shouldnt take too much more work.
  5. No way! You know that guy? They have been playing it on the Chris Moyles show which is one of the biggest radio shows in the UK, they were laughing bcoz the start sounds like baa baa black sheep. Its not something i'd usually be into but i kinda like it, its been stuck in my head all day, no lie. I love the womans bit the most, she has a great voice.
  6. Sorry guys but i wanna know what Wills costume is lol.
  7. Rest In Peace Whitney! Another great one gone. I know it seems drugs are likely to be the cause but its nor confirmed yet so we shouldnt assume.
  8. Really? Wow thats pretty cool. I knew he knows about this site but i didnt know he wanted them to use it as inpiration. We are pretty much the only Will forum out there, i do wonder if Will ever checks in to see what his fans think. Maybe thats why he's doing music again lol.
  9. Its times like this, i wish my school had chosen to teach me Spanish instead of useless German.
  10. Oh as if! It has nothing to do with Jaden filming over there. They take a fact and spin it into what they want it to. I bet the situation isnt much different to how Karate Kid was when they filmed in China.
  11. Its bad times when Jaden is in the picture and the girl is using Will as the photographer.
  12. Jada Pinkett Smith, you'll never guess my Valentine V-Day is just around the corner -- and with all the rumors about marriage troubles for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith ... there's one question on everyone's mind ... WHO is Jada's Valentine this year? The answer might surprise you. TMZ broke the story ... Will and Jada had bounced back from a rough patch last summer, when reports circulated that the couple was separating. So, still going strong for Feb. 14? Take it away, Jada ... Video at link http://www.tmz.com/page/2/#.TyGLDIKkeSo This is just stupid now, they basically dont know whats going on so they just make stuff up bcoz all the "sources" contradict each other.
  13. I feel bad for her, it wasnt a bad song. I dont get why whip my hair was such a hit and she cant make another. I think shes had her fun, she should practice her craft and save it until shes 18.
  14. Jeff just posted this on facebook/twitter. Coming Soon!!! OMG THIS IS HAPPENING!!!
  15. Yeah i cant remember ever seeing Will with a wedding ring on. Nice pic tho!
  16. Much better, she looks amazing in that dress.
  17. Oh God, the wig i could cope with but not a stripper pole. Who let her go in there in the first place, does anyone know if Will or Jada is with her?
  18. Yes this should be a lot of fun, its been a while since we've seen Will hosting something. I think it was the BET awards and that was great.
  19. Nooooo this just cant be true, i just never thought i'd see it happen.
  20. Why is his shaved head a big deal all of a sudden, he shaved it during I am Legend. His hairline isnt receding, hes just grey lol.
  21. They have all aged apart from Will lol.
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