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  1. This is swagger jacking at its finest! Wow they didnt even give credit to JJ&FP....
  2. And the Fav's mixtape was so dope! His beats for "It aint hard to tell" and "One love" for Nas were so sick on on point, same with the "Allow me to" for Jay Z, and the track for the Juice Crew....man that whole mix tape was off the hook, hope he makes more of them
  3. I always wondered why Jeff does not do work with more rappers. And I dont mean just on Jeffs albums I mean just in general on other Rappers albums. Producers like Premo and Pete Rock have done some cuts on Nas and Rakim albums, just to give an example, I wonder why Jeff does not do this.
  4. All these teases year after year that Will is coming back, Will is going to go on tour, Will and Jeff will be working an album yada yada.....I know his family has been busy the past couple years, but I do not buy that Will has had his hands full to the fullest the past 2 years. If Will can not find time to make some music in the past 2 years of DOWN TIME! Then he never will never be back. Ive put out hope for a while, and got really hype when MIB3 was announced because I thought it was the 3rd entry in an MIB hip hop song, hence a new album, but nah.. Then Jeff tweeted about them working together a couple months back, and I only to greeted by his first verse of Summertime on a Jeff mixtape, and that is it! I am disappointedthat these rumors have been just that, im dissapointed that Will teases the fans and it saddens me that Will does not see that he would get an outpoor of support if he and Jeff made another album. Hip Hop made Will what he is today, its disappointing that he only treats it like a toy as of late, along with his long time supporters. But yea, shame on me for getting hype. But its over, not only do I think Will is done for good, but I dont think he will ever even have a tour with Jeff again.
  5. Cool. He kicked some rhymes off the top of the head towards the end there
  6. I live in Delaware, I need to find Jeff's house ASAP and says whats up!
  7. Damn! I wish there was video of what Will was gonna show Jaden on how he used to do it back w hen he was their age. Damn wish the vid kept going!
  8. (No particular order) Top 5: -I Wanna Rock (Jazzy Jeff vibe remix) -Summer Time -Just Kickin it -Numero Uno -Scream Honerable Mentioned: -This Boy is Smooth -Brand New Funk -From da South -Jazzy's Groove -The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff Just was bored and thought I would share
  9. Will is not Gay smh..."I mean madness, sickness, sadness, swaggerless back in the day Fat, ugly chicks in New York on the radio, saying I'm gaaaay"
  10. LOL I thought this was very funny. The gay reporter tried to kiss Will on the mouth and Will bitch slaps him. I would have done the same thing. "Joker lucky I didnt sucker punch him" haha BIG WILL!
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