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  1. See that story makes more sence (i know its still not from a reliable source) but they argued about something which is normal for a marriage and then they worked thru it just like they said they would. Divorce wasnt an option. But i agree im with Jada too, i wonder who won the fight lol.
  2. hahaha yes so excited. The MIB idea on the whole is great, they would have to mess up really really badly for me not to enjoy this film.
  3. Yeah cause hardly any of his songs were about partying Oh yeah i forgot he often saves the world from aliens too. No i mean, hes not like Lindsay Lohan falling out of clubs at 5am, im sure he goes to a million after parties etc. He just always says he would work on his marriage whatever, its just hard to see him storming off and going out, he wants to be the best husband ever. Im not judging him for it if its true, it must be a really rough time, not gonna lie ive had tough times and decided a night out is what i need to fix it.
  4. hahahaha i love the subtitle things at the bottom. Also love the dancing haha.
  5. I was wondering when this would pop back up again. Its hard to imagine Will as a party kinda guy, its also hard to think they've had problems for years! It could still go either way i dont trust those kind of magazines but im afraid to say theres no smoke without fire.
  6. hahahahahahahaha............no Jaden, just no!
  7. She lucky that guy behind her didnt kick her ass, he nearly went to at one point. Shes the only one on that tram that shouldnt be in this country, get rid of her i think.
  8. hahahahaha i love that DM and Prince took it so seriously. If any of us meet Will we must remember to ask him about the peach fight and who won.
  9. Hey Saturday is the 26th, im guessing u mean then, i may be able to make it, i'll let you know! It will be great to speak to everyone again.
  10. Video: (Will and Jada get into the same car at the end.)
  11. aaahhh auto tune overdose! That doesnt even sound like Jaden, his voice has changed so much. Its awful!
  12. I dont know about the USA but only the biggest artists (or previous contestants) get on the x factor results show in the UK. Thats pretty huge for her.
  13. lol Brakes you liar! I admit, i forgot but i just happened to be online and signed into skype and Chris messaged me. So technically he was the only one that remembered.
  14. Simon Cowell Will Smith's MASSIVE Trailer Is Too Small for Me! The trailer Will Smith used for "Men In Black III" was too big for New York City ... but it's become too SMALL for the "X Factor" judge Simon Cowell ... because contestants on the show have taken it over! Sources close to the show tell TMZ ... Simon is using the EXACT same trailer on the set of "X Factor" that Will used back in May. We're told Simon considers it his home away from home and he spends more time there these days than at his home. According to our sources, not only does Simon relax in it ... but he takes his meetings there and the "X Factor" crew films in it as well. The trailer is 1,200 square feet, but we're told Simon already has his eyes on getting a BIGGER one because so many of the all the crew and passersby who've taken to hanging out there. Contestants on the show have taken to hanging out in the behemoth too -- the group Stereo Hogzz jokingly posted a pic of themselves hanging out around the trailer. http://www.tmz.com/2011/10/22/simon-cowell-will-smith-trailer-x-factor/
  15. I was just wondering where u got to the other day, how r u? Where have u been?
  16. I can probably be there for an hour. :) I havnt spoken to you guys for ages!
  17. Maybe Will and Jeff saw the site and thought they would put us out of our misery. This is exactly what we all have wished for.
  18. Audio battle? I dont think i can do that without making a fool out of myself, you guys dont need to hear a scouse, white female rapper seriously lol.
  20. Would i make myself very unpopular if i said it wasnt bad lol. I need to give it a few more listens though.
  21. Rest In Peace, what a legend, my iphone runs my life.
  22. I need this song in my life!!!! I think the only way it will get out is if MJ's people release it, especially since it was meant to be on Invincible. Im sure there are more Michael albums on the way but he has tonnes of unreleased stuff so we would be really lucky to hear it.
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