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  1. See im stuck now. To go to London ive got to get train tickets and stay overnight. Im planning on coming down for the MIB3 premier in May and i cant afford to go to London twice in one month. But the date is so close to when Will is gonna be there, what if he makes a surprise visit. It will probably never happen but i'll kick myself if it does. I'll have to wait for the date of the premier, which is probably a couple of weeks before.
  2. lol it doesnt sound like Will is a massive fan of her hair but he likes her confidence. Dont worry Will it cant get much worse can it?
  3. I cannot wait to watch this tonight. Did he do a full performance? What the heck is "Can you handle this"?
  4. I bet we get some massive news while its down since we've been so quite for the past few months. Will we lose everything or does it just go to the new server?
  5. I like these songs a lot more than the metal music. Half their first album was ok bcoz it was more like this and half i hated bcoz i dont like metal. Shes actually got a pretty good voice in that song.
  6. Thats poor even for Pitbull. Its not really about the movie that much either apart from the odd "Black suits" which Will already did.
  7. Im gonna place my bets and leopard print. Anyone else want in on this?
  8. Im not talking about her overall life, the kid has it made but if she thought she was gonna be the next Rihanna and now its over shes got to be upset. Like Visqo said, you dont want to work hard on something and see it fail, no matter what it is.
  9. Now this is me and my positive thinking BUT black suits coming was nowhere near a big a hit as MIB and lets be honest a lot of you guys said its the weakest track of born to reign. Maybe Will decided it was a bit predictable to do a 3rd, or hes out of ideas for that film. Lets just hope hes still doing this new album, maybe hes trying to get away from the cheesy "weak" rapper thing and wants to come out with something more like party starter. Dont get me wrong i wanted this track too and Pitbull is a pile of crap but maybe Will has thought a lot about this and decided its not the right way to go with his music career.
  10. I feel bad for her. Its hard enough being a one hit wonder as an adult but i cant imagine how hard it is for a child. To go from performing in front of huge crowds with Justin Beiber to no-one caring about your album. I'll give it a listen thats for sure. Shes got Smith blood so it cant all be bad.
  11. Im still so shocked shes doing this, she doesnt seem the type and they are still friends for Treys sake. Lets just hope she only says nice things and doesnt say anything too private, but then that wouldnt make good tv would it. I bet Will is worried. Even if Sheree does only say nice stuff, the show can edit it to make it look bad.
  12. I saw an advert in the Uk and its being shown on the 1st of April here. Im glad bcoz in the past we've had to wait ages for it.
  13. The only comment i can think of is far too rude so i'll keep it to myself haha.
  14. I like that interesting bit of fluff under Wills bottom lip. That was a typical woman comment, but hey it needed to be said.
  15. Are they saying they had a relationship? Isnt that rumour from like 10 years ago? Its getting funny now, hes just been with Jada in Costa Rica and hes moved to philly to film, not as a bachelor pad.
  16. Looks great, i know im gonna really enjoy this!
  17. Well his deal with interscope seemed to work well, Lost and Found was great lyrically and it appealed to the public, i think it was mostly columbia that pushed jiggy etc (even tho i personally like that kind of thing). If he is in a similar situation to what he was in Lost and Found i dont think we have much to worry about, plus Jeff is involved.
  18. lol first that blonde chick at the restaurant and now this brunette, Will your a dog! haha.
  19. Cool if he does it, i might need to do some London stalking.
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