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  1. None of these can proven, its all been reported by the media, crap like TMZ. Ive never heard him defend it that much, hes just never slagged it off bcoz thats not his style. He once said "If i ever became a scientologist my grandmother would roll over in her grave". Thats enough for me. If you wanna believe the garbage people write about him, go ahead, i'd rather stick to facts and what comes out of his mouth.
  2. When did he say that, did he actually say that or did the press just misquote him like they usually do on that subject.
  3. That reporter was just asking for a good old Will Smith back hand.
  4. Will is not into scientology hes friends with Tom but are you not allowed to be friends with someone of a different religion (if you can call it that). Will said he studies religions and that is it. There was nothing else at all that suggested Will was into scientology. Im almost a little interested in it myself coz i wanna see what the big deal is, doesnt mean i believe in it or like it, or agree, im just interested.
  5. I like it a lot, she has one heck of a voice. Is she releasing this properly or just playing around does anyone know?
  6. Im not a huge fan of Tom either, he is a little crazy but i feel bad for them ,especially Suri. People are making fun of them all over the internet, but its just sad when a family splits up if u ask me.
  7. What? lol You have no idea what it does to me as a woman, i can feel my ovaries aching lol.
  8. Nah i think it all depends on what movie hes promoting, he was like that for MIB2, hes more fun and jokey but his more serious roles he talks about acheiving your goals, working hard etc. It also depends what the interviewer asks, they are more likely to ask silly questions for a comedy. Will isnt gonna shy away from stuff like that, he lives by it. It has nothing to do with scientology, i follow Wills rules for life and im certainly not a scientologist.
  9. I was excited when i read it until i saw Will was dying in the cockpit. Dont wanna sound negative but we wait 4 years for a movie, get one then his next one is a bit part. *sigh*
  10. Cool! The last time he did that i sent him 3 questions and he didnt answer them. I guess he got tonnes of questions, your so lucky!
  11. lol i saw on your facebook u mention seeing Will on Graham Norton or something and your friend was like "Are you still obsessed with him?" lol, obsessions like that dont go away haha.
  12. OMG that costume is a bit tight, it looks like it would be a bit uncomfortable in certain areas if u get me. I like it hahaha.
  13. Independence Day $817.4 Hancock $624.4 Men in Black $589.4 I Am Legend $585.3 MIB 3 $488.0 Men in Black II $441.8 Hitch $368.1 Shark Tale $367.3 I, Robot $347.2 The Pursuit of Happyness $307.1 Bad Boys II $273.3 Enemy of the State $250.6 Wild Wild West $222.1 Seven Pounds $168.2 Bad Boys $141.4 Made in America $104.9 Ali $87.7 The Legend of Bagger Vance $39.5 Its 5th on his list of box office movies worldwide! Not bad, its got a bit to go before it catches I am Legend.
  14. Is that a keyboard shes skating with lol! Only Willow.
  15. OMG your right! We guarantee Will Smith is about to make your head bob, because he's re-recorded the magical words -- "Here it is the groove slightly transformed" ... yes, it's for a remix of "Summertime." TMZ obtained a snippet of Big Willie's return to the rap game -- one minute and ten seconds of awesomeness that he laid down to intro "Summertime 3" ... a new mixtape by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie. The track will be available for download on June 11. We're told Will the Fresh Prince was amped to record the all new, smoothed out version of the 1991 classic. He and Jeff are still tight even though they haven't done a CD together since 1993. Listen at link http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/08/will-smith-summertime-new-rap/ Im confused it sounds like a demo or something, is this the finished product?
  16. OMG is it wrong i want to buy this game just for that dance.
  17. Im looking at Jeff with complete admiration there lol. I love pics that arnt posed. BTW how are you tagging pics on facebook, i cant seem to tag them.
  18. Is it weird i wanna what Will is wearing for this film, ive seen Jadens costume which was kinda similar to that pic but i havnt seen Wills costume yet.
  19. I seem to remember saying something like this would happen. ahem i do believe i also said this lol. No-one believed me about the weather but im telling you in the UK it was dead the opening week when it was sunny and packed the second week when it rained. It may not make a difference in sunny Countries but in the UK our activities revolve around the weather lol. And also in my experience, films get worse as the trilogy goes on, people might not have expected a 3rd to be very good but it turns out it better than the 2nd and so word of mouth would be very good for this film.
  20. WHAT! Im so jealous right now, give me some wrestling info so i can try and get her to speak to me lol.
  21. Thanx! I will welcome any new TLC song. I like it, sounds very typical of them. Is this newly recorded?
  22. I went to see it again tonight and the cinema was packed, way way more people than last week. Its a late bloomer :) Best part was at the end my friend pulled a funny face and said "Where is the Will Smith track?"
  23. I love Hitch too but i wouldnt want to see a sequel, ID4 is one of Will's best films but a sequel to that would be awful. MIB and Bad Boys are the only things i think can work as sequels.
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