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  1. lol sorry told you i couldnt remember it all properly. Yes we need to make it happen, Kim said if you come she'll try and make it too!
  2. Yeah his face lit up when Kev mentioned it, now u have to come.
  3. The guys have let me do the honours of telling you the story. So me, Brakes, Kev and Kevs friend Mario met for pre-drinks at Kevs hostel, we made our way over to the Jazz cafe nice and early and we were sat having a chat on the sofas. Darnell came in and actually noticed Brakes before we even saw him. He came over to say hello and the guys introduced me. Everythig ive heard about Darnell is true, he really is the friendliest guy ever. He then bought us a round of drinks and told us we wernt allowed to nurse them, so we had to down them. We wernt so sure about this idea bcoz it was only 8pm and we had already been drinking since 6pm. I wanted to actually remember the show lol. Darnell then introduced us to a guy called DJ Badger and sat him down with us and told him we were like family lol. Darnell then had to leave for a bit and left us chatting with Badger. We made our way into the crowd about an hour later waiting for the show and we wernt sure if Darnell would find us or if we would even get to meet Jeff afterwards. So Jeff came up and started the show, he was amazing to say the least, the place was packed full and he had the whole crowd going. About an hour in i get tapped on the shoulder by Kev and i turn around and Darnell is there and grabs my hand and leads me to the stage. So there i was on stage stood next to Jeff taking pictures. Darnell said "you can film if you want" so i did, i was filming little bits and then i stopped for a bit. Darnell said "You want to film this bit", he was right, Jeff did Rock the bells and it was awesome seeing that up close! So i go back down and Darnell says "I'll make sure you meet him afterwards". A bit later on he gets Kev up, Skills even shouted "Its Kevtastic" to the crowd haha. So Kev filmed and took pictures too. Just as Jeff was playing summertime and finishing the show Darnell calls us up and takes us upstairs. Brakes then got to be a roadie and ended up carrying one of Jeffs cases. So we wait round for a load of other people to get Jeffs signature and we go in last. The guys made me go first and instead of sceaming i go all shy and starstruck and dont know what to say. So i told him he killed it and asked for a signature and picture. Kev then gives Jeff an England football club T Shirt with "The Magnificant 88" on the back. So we're all just chatting and Kev tells Jeff that Tim your planning on coming here pretty soon and Jeff seems excited about it. Darnell was telling Jeff how im from the site as well and that we've been members for ages. Its hard to remember everything coz it ends up all a blur but it was an amazing night. Heres some pictures, if they work. JJFP.com reprisent My lovely view Brakes with Jeff's case Kev and the T Shirt he gave him Me and Darnell My signed CD My pic with Jeff is on a weird setting on my camera by accident so i have to figure out how to upload that one. The others have pics of us all with Jeff so i'll let them post those ones.
  4. This song is all over the music channels over here. At least MIB3 is getting decent promotion.
  5. Try again in another 10 years Willow.
  6. Willow and her Grandma have almost the same hairstyle. I would like to see this, lets hope someone get sit up on youtube.
  7. I so want to go to this, there are 3 bands/people ive always wanted to see, Michael Jackson (i got close), JJFP( maybe one day) and TLC. Theres been a few groups on facebook asking for this tour and i know Chilli and T Boz are aware of them. I think T Boz was on twitter earlier saying this article wasnt correct and they dont actually have 5 dates booked. I think they are certainly in talks tho.
  8. I doubt they will but we can always hope. Im going on my own if i have to if they perform, i dont care if i have to stand 6 hours on my own lol.
  9. It started with one ... just a lonesome Alfonso Ribeiro doing the "Carlton Dance" in L.A. ... when suddenly, hundreds of people rushed in and joined in on the Tom Jonesness ... and it was AWESOME. It all went down at the Universal Studios City Walk in Hollywood -- where the former "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" star was leading a group that tried to break the record for the most people in North America flash mobbing at the same time. Similar groups performed at the exact same time all over the country. Besides "It's Not Unusual" ... the gang also busted out the famous "Apache" dance that Carlton and Will performed during the famous male strip club episode. So far, it's unclear if the group managed to break the record. http://www.tmz.com/2...lash-mob-video/
  10. ok so i arrive at Euston at 3pm and my hotel is literally just down the road from the Jazz cafe, then my train the next day leave at 12pm. Im all sorted and ready to go!
  11. Hey so according to this website the London Premiere is the 16th May, but its still yet to be confirmed. Its exactly a week after Jeff, whos up for it? We cant book anything yet until its confirmed really. http://www.filmdates.co.uk/films/1585-men-in-black-iii/
  12. You know what its grown on my a little. Dont get me wrong im still mad its not Will and its got nothing on Wills tracks but i dont hate it anymore. Its worth watching the video for new MIB clips.
  13. Oh that hostel is a sharing one, ive done that before and it was kinda weird, i was with a friend then too. You have to have that awkward conversation when u meet them lol. I think i'll try and find a cheap hotel, i dont wanna share a room with some randomers, especially if ive been on the cocktails and ive just met Jeff, i imagine i'll be too annoying to be in the same room with lol. But yeah as soon as your done come and meet us Brakes, i dont mind what we do. Are you catching a train back in the morning Kev or are you hanging round LOndon for a bit the next day?
  14. You know you've made it when the Muppets cover you.
  15. Ive just seen this, it looks amazing but a bit freaky really. Someone on youtube commented that 2pacs hologram is better than modern rappers lol. Its true tho, i would much rather see 2pacs or Left eyes hologram than any modern day rapper. I would like to see more of it, but it is a bit weird. Im not sure what i'd like for TLC's tour, its a hard one.
  16. Yeah cool, can i ask what Hostel it is (Pm me if you like), i looked up a premier inn nearby and it was £130 for one night. London is stupidly expensive. I havnt properly looked yet but i think im gonna go for a very basic place since i only need a bed for the night. I dont mean im wanna be in your room tho lol, i dont wanna be in a room with boys haha.
  17. Ok ive got my ticket!!! This has been a long time coming!
  18. Either way ive got to get a train and a hotel stay, plus i'd have much more fun with you guys in London. Its about time we had another JJFP get together. I'm hopefully getting my tickets 2moro.
  19. I saw the headline for a UK magazine and it said something like Jada says they are waiting for the storm to blow over with thier marriage. I read it as they have having a tough time and are sorting it out but when i read the full quote i think she just means they are having trouble with the press and thats the storm not the marriage. I dont know, this just needs to go away soon. Its boring now.
  20. Ok Tim has nearly convinsed me, i just have to sort out a few things with work then i'll let u guys know.
  21. I really want to but i want to come down for MIB3. Ive spent far too much money in the past few months and i need to get train tickets and a hotel for this. If MIB3 doesnt work out and there are still tickets left i'll certainly come down. I keep missing Jeff for stupid reasons!!!
  22. Who bumped this, not gonna lie, i saw the thread and my heart dropped for a split second.
  23. Its ok. I wish he would speak a bit clearer though, sometimes it hard to understand what hes saying. It seems like hes just playing around tho, i dont he has plans for an album or anything.
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