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  1. He did a show called WILL TV 4 or 5 years ago where he chose his favourite videos from other artists ( Will chose videos like Snoop´s "What´s my name", "Put your hands..." from Busta Rhymes ... ) I had it taped on video, but I lost it :cussing:
  2. I bought "Lost&Found" from Japan.At the end of the track,there´s a "sound lack" and then start "Switch Reggae remix"... Sorry,but I don´t know how to share it with yousend :cwm:
  3. Finally I get it,I don´t know what you think about the track,but I LIKE IT SOOO MUCH !!!!! Enjoy it !!!!! :wiggle: http://rapidshare.de/files/1586748/19._Chosen_one.mp3.html
  4. Yeah,I think he should release "Tell me why" now or people maybe forget the LP :toetap:
  5. Why did Will try to sing on it? It could be a better song if Will just had sung and nothin else. The video should be full of dramatic images, no Will or Mary J on it ´til the end
  6. I think the track is quite good as is so a rmx is not necessary
  7. Thanks¡¡I like it....It´s not so bad...
  8. Here in Spain any channel watch it (as far as I know). And,unfortunately,Will is dubed in spanish (although the actor who dub him is real good)
  9. Lost & Found should be the next single before Tell me why
  10. Damn¡¡¡They´re really str :mad8: ange¡¡¡
  11. Yeps,BUTTERFLY is a real good rhyme :dancingcool:
  12. What about us by Brandy from her new CD "Best of"...I love this lady¡¡¡¡ :dancingcool:
  13. My first time was back in 1993,when JJ&FP visited Spain in order to promote CODE RED (they were very popular by FPOBA,the most seen sitcom here). They performed on several TV shows BOOM¡SHAKE THE ROOM and I´M LOOKING FOR THE ONE...and it was simply amazing. Next day I buy CODE RED and I feel "the JJ&FP beat by the first time"...and the rest is history... :cwm:
  14. I think SO FRESH is one of the best JJFP tracks, also PUMP ME UP and I WANNA ROCK.. Don´t you miss tracks like the ones above on L&F?¿ :mad8:
  15. It´s sounds good...even I had prefer a "deeply song" like the rest of L&F,but I can´t wait to hear it¡¡¡
  16. Damn¡¡Vanilla Ice?¡?¡...What the hell have in common Vanilla Ice with Will Smith?.... I think Chuck D lose his mind... :speechless:
  17. I know It´s released in Spain,but I´m from València and EL CORTE INGLÉS still not have it 'til next week...but I don´t know why.... :nono:
  18. L&F it´s not released yet here in Spain...I know I can orderer it from internet,but I want to feel that feeling when I discover a new Will Smith album at my usual shop¡¡ FPOBA soundtrack has tracks by Shaq,Color me badd, SWV,R.Kelly and also includes BOOM¡SHAKE THE ROOM,SUMERTIME and,of course, YO¡HOME TO BEL-AIR.
  19. That´s my stuff: Plus BAD BOYS soundtrack, MIB soundtrack, FPOBA soundtrack and the book JUST THE TWO OF US
  20. Man...Can somebody kick his/her ass?....
  21. Bufff...I hurt my finger....but I voted¡¡¡
  22. Summertime...it´s a classic.... And also I think that "Freakin it" it´s not so bad...It was cool
  23. Great,man¡¡Where did you get it?..From amazon.jp? :speechless:
  24. 2Pac...He´s still THE hip hop icon
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