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  1. Will as Ricardo Tubbs...uuuhhh...scared....Nice choose mR.Smith¡¡
  2. Thankx men....I´m trying to download another one...Any suggestion?
  3. YO,I downloaded a FTP program called BROKER in order to upload some of my JJ&FP stuff..but I don´t know how to use it..can anybody help me?¿
  4. YO,I downloaded a FTP program called BROKER in order to upload some of my JJ&FP stuff..but I don´t know how to use it..can anybody help me?¿
  5. Damn it¡¡It will be three too long months
  6. That track is performed by DJ JEFF.I don´t know if he is really JJ but it´s sounds pretty like him. The track is included in a dj¨s CD,and it appeared recorded by Dj Jeff,so...who knows?
  7. Mmmm...Interscope?...it sounds a little weird to me...Why JJ&FP may sign for that label?I don´t think that´s an appropiate label for them,but imagine some JJ&FP collaborations:black eyed peas,marilyn manson...¿d-12?...Mmmm...that´s interesting...
  8. That´s a cool interview but...why they put a picture of Omar Epps?¿....
  9. Bienvenido tío,yo nos soy de Madrid,soy de València pero estoy akí tambiñen para lo k necesites. bienvenido¡¡¡
  10. What are you talkin about? Will is an actor,and like and actor he must play many different roles... Nobody could imagine Tom Cruise playing a bad guy...til Collateral... I think he should play a bad guy...
  11. hey,don´t misunderstand me,men¡¡ I´m from spain...I have no idea about that things ... some words or expressions are really strange in here ...
  12. nuff said,men¡¡¡ I wish he could read our messages but...who knows?
  13. Thankx...and...what about the verse Left Eye sings on No SCrubs?...She spoke about BIg Willie...
  14. Can anybody tell me what Will said about Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes death? I guess he said something cause they colaborated on BWS, and I admired her very much. It´s curiosity...
  15. I love Justin´s music.Maybe his hits are product of Timbaland´s production but Justin has a nice voice. Cry me a river is one of my favourite songs¡¡ Althought I´d love a duet with Marilyn Manson¡¡¡ ;)
  16. It´s always great hear Will´s new song,even that song it´s not one of my favorites.Moreover I thought that it will be a Mary J. & Will song,but his verse it´s too short... Let´s wait for the new record...
  17. It´s not a great song.That´s the typical song which Will may still consider as a pop singer forever.
  18. That´s the one i got i,dude,but I don´t know how to share it.I post a PM to Tim but my level about PC´s is too bad...
  19. Yo para variar me lo perdí,Sandy.Me alegra k hayas podido hablar con Jada,tiene pinta de ser muy buena gente... A ver si a la próxima me invitas a los madriles y voy contigooo¡¡¡¡¡ besitos...
  20. It seems a little racist to me, all the "real men" are white....coincidence?
  21. I don´t think Eminem is a threat, cause Eminem sell more records than Will. That ´s a fact.Even if Will´s new record will be another BWS ( I hope it ) Eminem is most popular like music artist all around the world. I don´t know what will happen in the US,but here in Spain Will never will sell more than Eminem.Not today or tomorrow. In Spain like in other several countries Will is just considered like an actor who ocasionally sings.
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