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  1. Wow..this is amazing¡¡¡Can anybody uploaded it? :yeahthat:
  2. Extra especial thanks,man¡¡¡I´ve been trying to get these episodes for a long time¡¡ We can not see "All of Us" in Spain...Will is hilarious¡¡ THANKSS¡¡ :signthankspin:
  3. Nice video..but...I miss FP...Do you know if the single is released now? :shakehead:
  4. Oh maaaannnnn¡¡¡¡I´m still trembling¡¡¡This movie is gonna be grrreeat¡¡ :wickedwisdom:
  5. Well, he's the most powerful actor with an enviable career...difficukt to say him NO :bowdown:
  6. This album is going to be dope¡¡¡Even better than THE MAGNIFICENT¡¡ I wish Big Will was in there.... :gettinjiggywitit:
  7. We knew that loooong time ago,didn't we? :wickedwisdom:
  8. Viv 1..no doubt...they not only changed the actress,the character changed too. the 1st Viv was moe like...Will...the 2nd one was too "posh". They were completelly different. Viv 2 was just a replacement,no personality...
  9. Nice¡ Does someone know where can I buy tickets for Barcelona' s performance? :thumbsup:
  10. CONGRATULATIONS FOR WILL¡¡¡¡ He has not get any chances, but this 2nd nomination should change the minds of those who still don't view Will as an actor. Although, Will this nomination appart Will even more from his musical career? :bowdown:
  11. :jazzy: FELIZ NAVIDAD A TOD@S¡¡¡ :thumbsup:
  12. It's not so ridiculous if you imagine Will being as dumb as Tom Cruise last years :shrug:
  13. I think Will had proved his intelligence several times...and be scientologist is not so intelligent¡¡ :nhawong:
  14. iT'S SOUNDS REALLY BAD :woono: ...but he said almost the same...and then he released BWS :ignore:
  15. I just hope Will not become the next Tom Cruise... :woowoo:
  16. Will will get a lot of credit being directed by Spike Lee :hmm:
  17. Will will be an american in Morocco who discover a complot to destabilize the worldwide economy, falsifying millions of dollars, according to a spanish film magazine. Will will also the producer of the film. It sounds good¡¡¡ :wiggle:
  18. Done it...Sky´s the limit ¡¡¡ :kekeke:
  19. I found this video on youtube...Alfonso Ribeiro when he was 12?¿ years old dancin´with Jacko...Now I can understand why Carlton was always dancin´ like that ¡¡¡¡¡ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CdFO5Rpl_Q...fonso%20ribeiro
  20. I just watch on MTV the Xzibit´s video "Criminal set"; he mentioned Will...but as an actor not as a rapper...I´m started to think that Will will never recover his value as an MC... [helicopter flying overhead] "Outside the South Central area, few cared about the violence because - it didn't affect them." - Tom Brokaw "Break 'em off somethin" - [ice Cube] [Chorus] "Back to the criminal set... but they can't catch me yet" - Ice Cube Don't trip you might break your neck {"break 'em off somethin"} And get wet from the reign of the tec, I {"break 'em off somethin"} "Back to the criminal set... but they can't catch me yet" - Ice Cube Your gum bumpin gon' lead to gun bumpin {"break 'em off somethin"} I'm the one when the party is jumpin to {"break 'em off somethin"} [Xzibit] I heard the O.G.'s they don't hit And I'm the only one left from the West that you can't **** with But lately I've been feelin like Will Smith Why bother with rap when I can get 20 mill' on a flick?Y'all niggaz just started some ****, the underdog Makin songs for them hogs, and them Bloods and Crips For the shah by the mall with a Muslim scent After all, who do you call to rock your ****? {"break 'em off somethin"} Bust the ghetto bird, circle above, reminisce of the dust kicked up, the dirt swept under the rug Duct tape, ski-mask, tape recorders Cue Kaze, ready to blaze and bakin soda First learned how to cook in a coffee pot Made the block get hot like lava rock Got love for the block cause I came from that But I ain't afraid to go right back {"break 'em off somethin"} [Chorus] [Xzibit] It's a, suicide it's a suicide If you ever get the heart to try ****in with mines No change, I'm poppin the nine, you ridin the pine {"break 'em off somethin"} The heavy metal knock you out of your mind {"break 'em off somethin"} Now how many really gon' ride, when the war start? Eaten alive by these hollow-tip darts My 12 gauge'll tear you apart, don't get caught at the light the house party or the neighborhood park Mr. X marks the spot then pops the mark Turn your whole neighborhood to a parkin lot I paid the cost to be the boss and will do my time standin up 'til I get an appeal These weapons too real to conceal, so why bother Semper fidelis, I learned from my father I always stay faithful to myself and grow But when I catch that ass after the show - {"break 'em off somethin"} [Chorus] [Xzibit] I'm slick and slippery On a high-speed chase all the way to the victory Y'all niggaz is stone cold mysteries Too weak, can't stand in the ring with me Put a pussy back in his place, straightlaced With a Strong Arm Steady gang up in your face I run a race with the West to my back While you're the reason why they say niggaz in the West can't rap Ever since the white Concourse 'Llac, I've been unmatched A avalanche in the hood on attack Just hardcore actual facts, never wait Just react when them killers come at you with gats Had to dig the knife out of my back, now I'm back on track Hittin laps, 'bout to widen the gap yo It ain't the long fall from the top that got 'em It was the sharp sudden stop at the bottom, haha {"break 'em off somethin"} [Chorus]
  21. Can anybody tell me any program to convert a region 1 DVD(Us & Canada) to region 2 (Europe)? I´ve got Will´s concert on region 1, but I´m from spain so I can´t :paperbag: watch it¡¡¡¡
  22. It seems to me a really cool track..nice flow....So jazzy... :yeah:
  23. It´s sounds quite interesting but there´s a movie coming after "TONIGHT HE COMES" about superheroes too (the main role is played by Uma Thurman;she´s a superwoman in the middle of a crisis, her boyfriend broke up with her and she´ll try to back with him using her superpowers). Maybe this film will affects TONIGHT HE COMES...
  24. It´s a success for Will as an artist, it´s his best solo album, but it will be a HUGE success for Will as a rapper if Interscope (& Will by his side) released the right singles. In my opinion, after Switch they should be released one of the "serious" tracks like Tell me Why or even Lost & Found, but they sell once again Will Smith THE ENTERTAINER, not the rapper. They´re released two non-stop dance hits, too Willie Style; even Party Starter, a more serious track, turn into another "oh, Will Smith playing Will Smith...again" with that awful video with Will making all those "funny" faces and moves...you know...playing himself... Maybe Will puts all his soul and talent doing "LOST & FOUND", but it seems that he´s not too interested about doing the same about promote it; he started with too many performances of Switch everywhere, wasting amazing oportunities to promote himself as the talented lyricist that he is. Maybe they released Tell me why, but I think Will LOST his last oportunity to b considered a "real" rapper...I really don´t care, because I´m going to enjoy his best solo album but I´m a little disappointed because all that ¿promotion?...
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