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  1. Hi,hero.I will definetively go to Madrid to see JJ.My 1st time!Can you put me on the guestlist,please?It will be awesome!THANKS!
  2. Anyone knows where can I get tickets to Madrid? THANKS
  3. Hey¡Anybody knows something more about his concert on the 3th,Madrid? THANKS
  4. Bad news¡¡¡Will has been replaced on the soundtrack by...PITBULL¡¡¡¡ Damn it¡¡¡ http://www.superhero...ng-back-in-time
  5. I watched yesterday the BET awards and I think it was a shame the award to Jaden & Willow...
  6. More Will & Jaden flicks¡¡¡ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGLKECRm3wI&feature=channel
  7. Yo¡¡¡check this out¡¡ Two generations rappin'together¡¡ AMAZING¡¡¡¡ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAh7Ha1pJOs
  8. Honestly, I woul preferred the projecto of "The city that sailed". I´m exciting to see Will in 3D,but "The city.." could be a movie perffect for that too. And I'm still thinking thata 3rd part of MIB is completely unnecessary
  9. terrific news¡¡¡Will is back¡¡¡ It seems that there will be a reunion episode next year¡¡¡ GRRRRREATTTTT¡¡¡¡ Here's the link (in spanish): http://www.vertele.com/noticias/26688/vuelve-principe-bel-air
  10. City that sailed could be a great choice,because MIB 3 it´s completely unnecessary.
  11. In my opinion, "Seven Pounds" is Will's best movie followed by "I am legend"... Just wait for "The last Pharaoh" and you will talk about Will's worst movie...or MIB 3...or BB 3...
  12. Man...this is the worst idea for a film in years¡¡¡ And if Will do that crap, he falls into "Disney's family movies" as Ice Cube did... Baaad...reaaal bad....
  13. 1st: Seven Pounds 2nd: I am legend
  14. He didn't deserve a nomination, not for this role...but I'm disappointed because I think that the movie could have some nomination:script,direction and, obviously, one for Rosario Dawson¡¡¡
  15. I think it's one of the best Will's films...and even the best. Althought I think Will sometimes overact (when Ben/Tim is with the old lady or when he doesn't wanna kiss Rosario's character)the movie is almost perfect; the direction is brilliant and the script is real good (with the true about Ben/Tim at the end of it). If someone deserves a nomination to an Oscar in my opinion is not Will, but Rosario Dawson.
  16. Will estuvo como siempre genial pero Pablo....en fin...si fueron mucho mejor las entrevistas de Pilar Rubio¡¡ Por cierto, ?sabéis de algún programa para poder descargarse los videos de youtube? Me gustaría tener la entrevista... y algunos vídeos más de Will.. :yeah:
  17. Will was really funny and very cooperative...but the interview was really awful, as usual in EL HORMIGUERO... What a waste of time with one of the most brilliant stars of Hollywood...
  18. I wish..but I will be at work... :tantrum:
  19. Yep, next Monday Will will be at "EL HORMIGUERO" a spanish TV show talking about Seven Pounds..
  20. I don't believe it....He born MC and he´ll die MC...
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