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  1. I think he did a really big mistake...everybody (even Chris Rock) laughed about his decisión...and Jamie Foxx disses Will again... http://pagesix.com/2016/02/24/jamie-foxx-jokes-will-smith-should-actbetter-to-get-an-oscar/
  2. JAZZY JEFF jus posted at his Instagram a picture of JJ+FP and write it down SOON¡¡¡¡
  3. Bufff...bad trailer...I don't like it...not at all...
  4. I think this movie will be anothe After Earth...too many superheroes movies and, also, these characters are not so well-known as Marvel´s...bad vibes...
  5. Enough performing Summertime¡¡¡We need some new music¡¡¡ Back in August, I asked Jeff about a new JJ&FP record, and he told me "We've got some stuff over there..."...Hopefully he told me the truth¡¡¡
  6. It could be worst... but I think any of Will's next movies will be a success (not even Suicide Squad...too much superheroes' flicks)
  7. I think this movie will not be a success...it looks a movie with a plot seen 300 times already...Not very interesting on it...Another After Earth...
  8. Ufff...it reminds me that boring movie of Bruce Willis...
  9. I just watched it and, I think it's a good movie...Will's character is..peculiar...but I like the movie...thta's one of the movies that I could watch over and over...with or without Will...
  10. I don't have too many good feelings for that movie....Will needs movies like "American Can"¡¡¡¡
  11. I watched it yesterday and it was completely amazing¡¡¡Will's verses were unstoppable as you can hear¡¡¡He needs the mic and, hopefully, he release another album....Jaden never sounds sooooo cool¡¡¡
  12. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/05/31/will-smith-s-after-earth-is-terrible-has-he-lost-his-mojo.html Good question....but,he recovered from WWW...who knows?...I think that's the karma to refused Django...
  13. Maybe I'm wrong, but the whole movie seems like a vehicle for Jaden...those kids will be the ruin For Will...
  14. Man...his flow It's even annoying and completely boring...let your father the rap and the acting and go to study!!!
  15. I think he's still in character...or that he's got a great ego
  16. In an spanish interview,Jamie Foxx was asked about Will considered being Django at first,Foxx's answered this:"you know What?The movie wouldnt be the same with this Tom Of Will Smith,it would be like WWW,did you see that **** Of WWW?So now,imagine the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Of Django...imagine it and laugh,get angry,puke ir whatever,I mean,you must be thankful about me being Django.You'll watch the movie and You'll love it,your hormones Of little white spanish turn into black because Of the thrill.Period.I know that he(Will) is going to come over here(Cancún),selling a movie,OT the scienciology or his child's career,I dont know...I dont care at all"... Amazing answer because I thought that they were Good Friends...What do you think?
  17. IT was really amazing .I didn't met JJ,but I enjoyed the show as hell!!!Thanks everybody!!!!
  18. Indeed it was a great show. Thank god for this forum or I would have completely missed it... As for me and my friend, we couldn't get into the show via the guestlist, apparently we were not in the damn list, but anyway. I had a hell of a time. Here's one of the flyers of the show, and a pic and a couple of videos. Videos: https://www.dropbox....1004_030807.mp4 https://www.dropbox....1004_040815.mp4 Really? Can you tell me you legal name? I want to be sure I had your name for the list. If you don't want to post it here you can send it to nicole@djjazzyjeff.com. Im really sorry to hear this. Did you get to see/meet Jeff?
  19. Hi,everybody!I was one of the lucky ones who saw JJ's show 2 days ago.It was AMAZING!!At the beginning,some technical difficulties happened and even the show was stopped about 6 minutes(Jeff's face=poker face)but then JJ was on fire!!Almost 2 hours scratching and making us bouncing with themes like I GET AROUND(2Pac),ABC(Jacksons 5),JUICY(Biggie Small),JUMP AROUND(House of pain),IN DA CLUB(50cent),OPP(Naughty by nature),UMBRELLA(Rihanna),CRAZY IN LOVE(Beyoncé),BUFFALO SOLDIER(Bob Marley),WHAT'S MY NAME(Snoop) and many others.THE WORST:the organization.It was messy and awful.They didn't know the icon that is JJ.THE BEST:obviously,JJ,as a professional(even during the 6 minutes that the show was stopped and the people was whistling,Jeff was on the stage trying to help the technicians) and as a DJ(when it sounded Will's words THE CHAMP IS HERE several times over 50 cents' IN DA CLUB,I almost cry!)...the magnificent Jazzy Jeff on the wheels of steel!!
  20. That's sooo bad!Too many sequels!ID4 2...and 3¡¿?I Robot 2?...Enough is enough,Will
  21. Amazing mix!JJ deserves this tribute!
  22. Hi,hero.I will definetively go to Madrid to see JJ.My 1st time!Can you put me on the guestlist,please?It will be awesome!THANKS!
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