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  1. Video,from India.Arie ...That´s a real nice song¡¡¡
  2. Thankxxx to vote,fellas...I know that´s a whole dumb thing but..I was bored¡¡¡ :)
  3. That´s my personal tracks list...but you can add any track you missed,of course
  4. I supposed yoou wanted to say ANTONIO BANDERAS;well,that´s easy: ANTONIO BANDERAS played Desperado, starring Salma Hayek....Few years before,Salma played WILD WILD WEST with...guess who? :)
  5. That´s true..Will seems a little sad...
  6. I saw VMA tonight and it was bull****...I´d hope some Will´s performance or even some mention about his new record,but the only thing I saw was a lot of dresses and advertisements....Bull****...
  7. Thankxx a lot¡¡¡It´s really great¡¡¡¡
  8. Left Eye annoying¿¡?¡?¿....I think "Big Willie Style" is one of the best tracks on Will´s records. Left Eye was great.The best female rapper in my opinion.I love TLC and I loved Left Eye...
  9. I disagree.I think Will will be the perfect Neo althought Matrix reloaded and revolutions were really bad movies. But,in the other side,if Will had been Neo maybe he never play Ali so... WWW was funny.
  10. Spice Girls had two good songs,and Geri Halliwell too....but Hanson... Color me Badd are really good...Do somebody know if they still recording?
  11. JIm carrey and Will Smith...could be great..but in a drama..they´re both great actors
  12. Color me badd greatest hits....nice voices...nice flow....
  13. je je je...It´s funny this quiz....another one,please¡¡¡¡
  14. Willennium...a real old school record with a lot of guests and moreover Jazzy Jeff...It´s really good....it sounds like a JJ&FP album
  15. I wanna peaches...peaches for me...milions of peaches..peaches for free¡¡
  16. Samuel L. Jackson Edward Norton Matthew Perry ( yeah...I love this guy¡¡ ) And...what about actresses and directors?...Wow...imagine Will in a film by Quentin Tarantino or Tim Burton....
  17. Here in Spain it´s impossible to find any single...so...I hope amazon sell it...
  18. Imagine taht you can choose Will´s partners on a new movie...Who will be in your perfect cast?
  19. It´s something I heard somewhere.I tried to find the album but... I don´t know...I supposed there´s just a rumour...
  20. Old School of course...I need to listen another JJ&FP album.BUt I also think that another Willennium will be great,too
  21. JLO..damn... I don´t like her...She thinks she´s the number one... I listened few yaers ago than Will recorded a remix with JLO on a special edition of JLO´s record On the 6..japanese edition I think...
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