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    Playin/Watchin Football<br />I take music very seriously whether writing or listening because evern when listening to music is reflects on your life and how you act.

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  1. "Through God's Eyes" Chorus Whats it gotta be like to watch us? Whats it gotta be like not bein able to stop us? Whats it gotta be like to watch the world goin to hell? Whats it gotta be like watchin every man as they fell? Whats it gotta be like bein there as soon as we cry? Whats it gotta be like through god's eyes? Verse 1 I'm not sayin theres a god, but what if there is? What do you think he'd say about the way the world is? Would he be mad? Would he be sad? If he made the world, would he regret that he had? People diein everyday, every which way Half the time without a reason Bein the maker of that can't be too pleasin Half the worlds evil, other halfs just pretendin Whats it gonna be like when the worlds at its endin When we're all judged on how we've been livin? Will you be ready or will you be hidden? Tryin to hide from god's eyes As he picks through the lies That we've all told, it gets old Bein stabbed in the back by your 'so called' friends I can't help but wait for this world to 'so called' end I wanna see what happens with this rappin Will I ever take off and launch Or will I be stuck on ground Lookin around, where's the world at now? Sometimes its like its over, I'm ready to die But then I think, what's this like through god's eyes? Chorus Verse 2 All my life I've been told that Gods always here Does that mean he's seen me cry ever tear? When I wanna die every year? Has he really been with me this whole time? Is he sitting next to me while I write this whole rhyme? But then how you explain all the tragedies and terror Why wasn't god there? Why didn't he stop it? Why didn't he care? Everytime a kid disappears, where did he go? Or when I was bein pressured into beer, there, did he show? If there really's a god, then does he really have an explanation? Did he expect more? Or did we live up to the expectations? Sometimes I just wonder if theres a purpose Is goin through hell really worth this? Bein betrayed every day, they say what they say Rumor's get spread, lies get scattered Lives get shattered, as if any of it mattered Blood's bein splattered Like paint on a canvas, we can't have this Is the world just some picture? Is that all we are? When youre girls there with ya, in the back of your car Just before you go and mess up your lives Just think: Hows this look in god's eyes? Chorus Verse 3 I ain't even religious, but somehow it happened A song about god, I find myself rappin But what would it be like to be the heavleny father? Everyone on the Earth's ****in up, why even bother? In the ghetto its just puttin bodies in bags The kids and momma's in rags Runnin the street in barefeet Sweatin in the heat, no money to eat Do they still have faith in god? I wonder Or what about a pregnant teenage mother? Her havin this baby, its ruinin he family's lives 7 months pregnant, and can't even drive Does that family still pray everyday? I doubt it, Not sayin to have faith, but look what you are without it No hopes, no dreams, just the broken seams Of what you used to call your life, cuz you gave up Stopped tryin to move ahead and save up Every paycheck, you blow it, you know it You're scared there's really a god, come on show it Now just cuz I don't believe, doesn't mean to follow me You should always have a dream Stick with your beliefs, never let anyone take um Cuz they took um from me, Id watch as theyd break um It's like I saw my life shatter right in front of me I was a lonely soul, lost, like God was shunnin me Don't end up like me, that wouldn't be wise What would god think, if he was seein it through his eyes? Chorus
  2. Nothin to say, just read it, leave feedback "Secret Love" Chorus It's a crazy thing Like daisy's bloomin in spring It can pop up at anytime, anywhere You'll never be prepared But don't be scared Everyone's got one to speak of Everyone's got one secret love Verse 1 The smell of her hair, the sparkle in her smile Makes me thing chasin her just may be worth while When I look in her eyes and I see me It makes me feel like I'm part of her, and she's part of me Like we were meant for each other and together forever we'll be I'll make sure of it, Nothin ever comes between us It all happened so fast you probaly couldn't of seen us Not even if you tried, if you opened your eyes It's somethin you can't deny You've seen people cry Because of somethin crazy no one can describe When you get a feelin, your head just hits the ceilin You might get wounds that need sealin and healin But if you're lucky, you'll find someone who can fix your scars Someone who can be your sun, moon, and the stars Someone who's always next to you standin, a companion Filled with love, always carin and understandin Everybody has someone already in mind Whether you're a girl or a guy, someone's always catchin your eye You can try and lie, or cover it up But deep down inside, everyone's got a secret love Chorus Verse 2 There ain't no definition, there ain't no description It's called love, and I think I need a prescription Cuz deep down everyone's lookin for one thing Whether it be years of love, of just one fling Everyone prays everyday for someone to share their life with I'm writin the truth, I don't write myths No matter who it is, whoever it be They're lookin for love on some personal degree Everyone wants that one special person in their life Whether it just be girlfriend or a wife There's nobody out there that can make it by theirself Everyone out there needs help from someone else Don't be afraid to admit it, I get it, I've been through it myself I wouldn't trade the feelin for any amount of wealth Bein in love is a great thing, almost like magic The only thing is, it can end up tragic I make it sound great, but with every love theres hate Hidin in the shadows, it'll make you feel bad, Yo But you gotta fight it, you gotta live through So you can get that secret love to come true Chorus Verse 3 Love's an amazing thing, nothin to mess with With every relief it brings stress with There was always someone who'd say "Love is a strong word" I'd be like, yeah ok Till I found out on my own Loves somethin to be left alone That is, until you know what it is Till you have a full understandin It can be demandin Could be a match made in heaven Or could be a crash landin Loves more than a word, be careful how you use it Its somethin special, be careful not to abuse it Love can make you laugh, love can make you cry Love can make you dance, love can make you wanna die Love can be your best friend, or your worst enemy Trust me, love hasn't always been a friend of me It's put me through hell, made me go insane Took the screws from my brain, it's hard to explain It's like once you been in love, you'll never be the same So just let life go at its own pace, don't push and shove Someday everyone'll find their secret love
  3. @ Turntable Talkin about stolen rhymes, but oh their mine Got more skill than you and joe combined Your raps are the worst without a doubt You're so bad, no one knew who you were talkin about Makin gay jokes? You'll stay broke You ain't good, you just say so Ya wanna be LL, whats with the sig of kenan and kel Man get with the times, get some new rhymes You aint sayin SH!T, like you was a mime @ Pakalicious Well, first of man, you didn't diss me If you tried, I guess you missed me You say I need some trainin Well you need to do some explain You're jus sittin there bitchin and complainin Yeah I'm a con, bendin over your mom And fu<kin the bitch without a condom on Yeah wheres this pimp Renegay But yeah, all for fun........unless its renegay
  4. I'll be there in a jiffy, to **** up tiffy Pop you 9 times, with 9 rhymes, like ur names fifty I'll take you down, faster than anyone around Drag you all over the town with your face in the ground Yeah what now? And look its ash trey, whatd that ass say? I'm sensin some tension, this bitch thinks hes bein mentioned I'll rip you apart man, face the drama Your names on my lips? Well my lips on ya moma
  5. This ain't Wild N Out, there aint no Nick Cannon What we got here is a bunch of wanna be MCs, ravin and rantin 2 lines is all I need to say, To take both Treys away Leavein ash trey in ashes Hi-jackin his rhymes like planes and leadin them to crashes Somethin seems suspicious about Lerkot and Pakalicious These two dudes are in disguiuse, in real life theyre wack ass bitches Who else we got rappin; Look its Turntable Two words to describe his rap "weren't able" Then we got J-O-E, wonder what he'll say to me Joe with a real rhyme, thats somethin I'd pay to see To finish it off, we got VA's Renegay, The so called finest If you're that good, why are you always behind us Lookin at our asses, it ain't a phase, it aint passin This dudes a homosexual, redneck, rappin faggot
  6. Yeah, I wrote this last night, and some of it doesn't rhyme, doesn't flow, whatver, i dont care, i dont really carewhat you think about it, i know it swears, well i write with swears, so look past it. I'm sick and tired of missin on out the **** that I desire No matter what I do, somebodys always higher Always gettin out-shined, always gettin out-rhymed I'll never be the best no matter how hard I try Sometime I just feel like quittin, **** spittin Throw in the towel, I'm sick of the **** that I'm gettin But if I was to ever qive up, I wouldn't live up To what I promised I'd accomplish Said I'd never fall behind, Always be on top of this You bitches ain't stoppin this The more you criticize, the more of you bitches die And eat your own words, I'll defeat you posers You mother****ers who think that you better than me Why? Cuz you mother****ers said **** to me No matter what you say, I'm waitin for the day When we meet face to face, It'll be a different case I'll show you ****in jackasses, who has the laughs and Giggles, you so called criminals, you bitches Watch as I spit this, its a lyrical miracle You bitches don't fear me though When I should be what you're most afraid of Cuz I'm roastin haters, boastin skills the most debated, force the chills I'll give you useless chumps the goosebumps I say one line and draws drop Grab my balls and ya'll stop You wanna call me a wigger, tryin to judge me When you know nothin about me, tryin to shove me Try and start some ****, see what happens Yeah I'm white bitch, you see me rappen And you just can't stand it, sayin its my fault I rap Like I just planned it Like I really want to get judged, and called a wigger Say it again man, I'll become a grave digger Throw you right in, bury you alive Get ready man, cuz I have arrived The new rookie, and lookie, he's white Not only he's white, but he's livin a good life Not from the hood, this **** ain't right But this kid's tight I'm the ****, admit it, you ain't gotta hide it You loved it when you first heard it It was absurd, you were let speechless Tryin to reach this, left you whiter than bleach bitch I'm not a preacher or a teacher I'm not a thug or gangster I'm not a wigger or a prankster I'm me, and thats all I'll ever be Not pretendin to be ****, I'm endin this G **** I'm spendin my weekends, in my room puttin together these raps But for what? where am I goin with that Sometimes the only way I say what I want, is with a pen But then it happens again, I freeze up, I can't think I blink, the words disappear from my mind Like this rhyme just went away in front of my own eyes But wheres it gonna get me, where will I end up So what if I can rap, the **** is pointless Sorry for the disappointment But I don't give a **** how you feel I don't give a ****, im ideal I'm what you wanna be, and I know it The look in your eyes shows it I can see it all, right on the ball But I will stand tall, I will not fall I'll live though it all And when the worst comes to worst I'll pick up a pen and as this **** just gets worse I'll holler and curse in a verse But what does it do for me, Rap doesnt want nothin to do with me Cuz I'm the wrong color, wrong age Come from the wrong place, with the wrong name But I got the skills, I got the song for the game I can spill my heart out on a track Doesn't that mean ****? I spit rhymes so fast its like my mouth is an uzi Then I look around at you tryin to abuse me That ****s confusing You used to be with me, now you against me **** you dawg, I don't need friends **** Friendship, I've been in **** My friends never came to help me out Friends are bull****, just somethin to talk about Cuz nobody really gives a **** about anyone Including me and you, You don't give a **** about me And I don't give a **** if you do.
  7. The bears got compltly screwed: two words "Godamnit Angelo"
  8. Was this really your first effort at writing? For a beginner that was very good.
  9. R.I.P. PROOF, he was a great rapper But im confused, was it just Proof that was shot, or were other people from D12 really shot too? Somebody wanna clear this up?
  10. Alright, I'm gonna go against Ted, hopefully it works out, I don't see how you could say Eminem is one of the most overated rappers of all time. Is it just cuz he raps in a different style than you like Ted? Because Eminem is a genious at lyricism and has some of the best wordplay I've ever seen.
  11. Well FuQ, that every guy and every bitch thing was that her and all her friends told me I was just like every other guy in the world, and when i tried to tell my friends that she was different they said she was just like every other girl and she just wanted me to buy her stuff and all that. So I hope that clears it up
  12. thanks for the feedback
  13. Well, I broke up with my girlfriend, and she was crying and I felt really bad lately. Plus, now I've been regretting breaking up with her. So I wrote this song about 10 minutes ago, hope you like it, sorry if you get upset about the swears in it but I wrote it like that so I'm keepin it like that, sorry if it offends you. " I'm Sorry" Verse 1 Yeah I fu[ked up I dont know what else there is to say You were always there for me and I just pushed you away I said I love you and youd always say I love you too But how much I loved you I never even knew From the second I said those words, I knew I ****ed up bad I just lost the only girl who ment **** to me, the only one i ever had I know I made you sad, and I know I made you cry And for that I just feel like I should go and die I'm an asshole, I can see that now When I look back on you all I can say is wow I sure did love you more than anyone I knew So why did I have to be so fu[kin stupid How the fu[k could I lose you? How the fu[k could I allow myself to be so fu[kin dumb Now I just take a look back on what we have become Chorus I never knew how I much I loved you until the day you were gone We used to stay up on the phone from sunset to dawn But now we're seperated, broken apart What I did just wasn't too smart I lost the only thing that ever ment anything to me So all I can say is sorry, and I still love you baby Verse 2 Theres nothin I can do or say to make everything all better And theres nothing thats ever gonna make us forget it I could write you a love letter, but you'd probaly just throw it away You've got every right to hate me and feel betrayed How the hell could I be so sense-less Now this is some intense sh!t I'm puttin down my defenses I deserve to hear all the **** you have to say Now I've got your friends yellin at me all day Like I already didn't know that I made a mistake I remember when we used to stay awake On the phone, up all night, so late How could I take your heart and let it break I need to learn to be a man, so all this **** im gonna take I agree with everything you say, I'm a fu[kin d!ck Just like every other guy, and you're just like every other bitch But what makes me and you so different Is that we're in love, and nothin can change it Chorus Verse 3 I'm expressin every feelin I have, in this little rap And you were right, I do deserve to get slapped Right across the face, I'm a ****in disgrace But theres a space in my heart that no one can replace And that place is ment for you, but now its empty space Hopefully you'll fill it again some day, and everything will be ok All I ask for is for you to let me pay my amends But you won't, so I'm expressin myself with a pen This is at its end, it's had its twists and bends And somethin tells me we won't even be friends I asked if we could still be friends you said it depends And 10 times out 10, it tends to never be ok again It's all my fu[kin fault, I'm takin all the blame Now I'm sittin here cryin, my head held down in shame Sh!t won't ever be the same, I put out the flame Now you won't even say my name And I heard you're already gettin other men If someone else had you I dont know what I'd do then It's likely I'd go insane, sniff up some cocaine Chug down some champagne Then get a gun, and splatter that fu[ker's brains But the fact remains, I put you through pain I'm so fu[kin sorry I can feel it in my veins So now theres only one thing I ask Is that someday you will take me back I know it could never be like it was before Trust me, I swore, I wouldn't hurt you anymore So with 4 more lines, I'll sum up this whole sh!t I'll admit, just cuz we didn't fit I shouldn't of given up and just split I should of tryed my hardest to make us last Baby I still do love you, and I hope you love my ass Chorus
  14. Good Joe, real nice flow
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