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  1. Gym Class Heroes - Shell Shock TMNT Soundtrack (2007)
  2. RED and METH at it again!!.. this album is gonna be dope!
  3. And i got a couple more.. DJ Jazzy Jeff For Da Love Of Da Game Remix (Raheem and Vee) Lost Ones Remix (Laren Hill) scratchin
  4. Yeah, a little tight for cash at the moment but i will be picking up YES and the remix album.. i can't stop playing Zambony that and Fun are my 2 favs right now!
  5. Thanks bro! c y'all next race.. just added ya Big Willie.
  6. Hey Big Willie, what's your friends code!?
  7. Don't listen to a little kid.. even if he is your son.. What does he know!
  8. Hey guys i'm online and ready.. Where ya at!?
  9. Happy Mothers Day to my Mom I Love you mom.. to the fam here in the JJFP Community and all the Moms around the world!!
  10. If i'm home then its a go for me.. i'm not doing nothing right now though!
  11. Yeah that sucks, heard about that during the Cavs and Hawks game.. if only T-Mac and Yao could stay healthy for a whole season with ron i think they could go all the way. King James droped 41... MVP!!
  12. Yeah, i'm good to go till tommorow night.. just don't know when i'll be leving it'll be late though.
  13. Will Smith - Men In Black Big Willie Style (1997) I wonder if he deos do MIB3 if he'll do a song for it?
  14. Hey guys, anyone up for a race this weekend.. i'm not doing much right now till tomorrow. Brakes, Kev add me to your friends list, here's my code again 3051-2960-0325
  15. Off the top of my head AJ, i could list the Movies..and solo stuff. Hitch Shark Tale I Am Legend Seven Pounds Will Smith Solo Lost And Found Switch Single Party Starter Single DJ Jazzy Jeff Solo The Return Of The Magnificent TROTM EP The Return Of Hip Hop EP
  16. Thanks Chris, i'm listening to FUN, right now and loving it.. this dude got skills i'm always lookihng for some good real hip hop to get into!!
  17. I can't wait for the next MIB movie, but right now i want to see Will in something brand new (Not a sequel or serious like 7 Pounds) just a new comedy from Will.
  18. Wow, i can't believe u went there...ha ha. I remember buying that cassette from Pizza Hut back in the day...ha ha. Alot of good songs on this page of the post. I'm not listening 2 music right now. Just message from Joel Osteen before bed. haha i'm just glad my uncle worked at pizza hut at the time i got mine free.. and if you can't believe i went there then let me go here The Chipmunks and Chipettes - The Girls Of Rock & Roll The Cipmunk Adventure (1986) And Joel Osteen is my boy AJ.. love to listen to his podcast every week.
  19. Happy B-DAY BIG HOMIE!!.. sorry to here it hasn't been going to good.. hopefully you can turn it around to a great one. :thumbsup:
  20. Great artical Ale Thanks Pretty decent list nice to see ''Time To Chill'' in there JJFP have a lot of tracks u can just chill out to from ''Time To Chill, ''Just Kickin' It'' ''Summertime'' I''m Looking for the One'' ect..
  21. That sucks.. FP isn't even nominated this year. 7 pounds wasn't great but atleast give it best actor/actress nods for Will and rosareo dawson i thought thier performace was great in the movie.
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