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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. I'm mabe late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ!! hope you had a good one.
  2. Hey Miss Ash HAPPY B-DAY girl have a good one even tho you slept through the first part haha!!
  3. Man did they have to show the Rock The House cover haha... they got to stop considering it and do it!!
  4. HaHa yeah and he made hillary pronounce the word draws hahaha!!
  5. The new site looks dope Great Job man looks way better than before.. just one question when will the store be open?
  6. I'm waiting for the Transformers movie myself.
  7. True Tim, the first time i heard it i liked it alot just got through listening to it on jeff's myspace and the more i here it the more i love it can't wait to get the album next week so i can listen to it over and over... just a great smooth chilled out track.
  8. Hey Tim, thanks alot man dope remix to an awesome track love it!!!
  9. I'd like to here Will and Mariah Carey on a track... with some production from JD that would be interesting.
  10. Congratz Tim, keep doing ya thing dawg! just makes me wish that the rumer was true about the JJFP tour and album.
  11. Thanks for that Tim, just a couple more weeks i can't wait!!!
  12. That's dope kev, Congratz man.
  13. That's one of my favorite tracks from the HomeBase album... but i wish they had included the video on the JJFP Greatest Hits VHS.
  14. Kinda dramatic don't ya think lol, no biggie i'll figure it out.
  15. RUN DMC - It's Over Live At Montreux (Live dvd)
  16. Dude i am so jealous haha!... but glad you had fun dope pics kev, man i can't miss jeff when he comes back around my neck of the woods haha!
  17. HaHa, thanks man.. i tried to download the file but i guess it didn't work do you have to sign up to yousendit to use their files?
  18. Hey guys, i got a quick question i've never downloaded anything from yousendit or the rapidshare site... does it take awile to download and will it hurt your pc or labtop?
  19. Thanks for that, Great interview love what jeff said about the JJFP days!
  20. I think thats summertime he's pefoming, it's poor quality but thanks for that anyways Julie... it does look like will sill has fun performing but atleast he wants to do more shows for the I am Legend tour.
  21. DAMN TIM, didn't know you were that pissed haha! atleast people are interested in seeing JJFP again. (myself included)
  22. I was just thinking the same thing haha.. ain't concerned with the haters.
  23. Thanks aj, i'll try to see if i can find it.. maybe if i'm lucky haha.
  24. Never heard of 2 too many, but that video was dope totally reminds me of early 90's JJFP anyone know if you could still find their album?.. may have to look into it and pick it up.
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