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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Thanx Kev, that was dope... looked like another dope night with the Magnificent can't wait for the Hip Hop vid!!
  2. Hey what's up Brakes, that was an awesome perfomance.. show these Wannabes how it's done!
  3. Oh boy here we go again haha... i'm not getting my hopes up i'm just gonna wait and see.. like that will seriously wants to do it also like the part about the fans we all gotta keep buggin um till they do it!!
  4. Awesome Kev, Dope Pic...great news about the Remix EP jeff's gotta lock will in the studio and get something done glad u had fun anyways!
  5. Jazzy Jeff + Twone Gabz - Go See The Doctor2K7 (This track is hilarius!!)
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEV!!!.. ain't nothing like going to a Jazzy Jeff show on your B-day have fun man.
  7. Yeah, but these people need to get of their buts already.. i mean it's only 2 more saesons left i want the whole series sitting on my shelf so i won't have to watch it on tv.
  8. Oh good.. can't wait til i turn ummm 21 again haha!!
  9. Hey cookies HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL... hope i'm not too late haha.. glad you had fun today!!!
  10. Jeff N Fess and My Soul Ain't For Sale... are my top 2 pics either one will be fine with me.. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance Kev, have fun at the show thursday!!!
  11. TROTM HANDS DOWN!!!!... mainly because all the pruduction is done by Jeff more high profile artist.. still love The Magnificent but this album is defo, gonna be a classic.
  12. I'm in the same boat as Kev.. soon as i get me a WiFi connector i'm in!!!
  13. HAHA!! aleast dud was on beat.. theirs nothing wrong with his wrist he was scratchin LOL!
  14. Right now i just hope he records that BNFremix, i think he can easily take 2 or 3 months of to record with jeff and put an album out.. but it sounds like he doesn't even know what he wants to do.
  15. I voted for.. My soul's aint for sale, Hip Hop, The Definition, Practice, Let Me Here U Clap.. but there so many hot tracks on this album i just picked my favorites, but on my version i don't have any of the skits anyone else have the edited version?
  16. DJ Jazzy Jeff + Twone Gabz - Go See The Doctor 2K7
  17. Episode 16 of the new podcast.. thanks for playing the jjfp skit at the end haha. good review of the album guys.
  18. I'm getting my copy of the album from amazon today.. i'm dying to get my hands on it.
  19. Yeah, the sad truth... we can still hope right!
  20. Since will's mom and lisa's dad married instead.. didn't that make will and lisa related then?
  21. HAHA.. that's dope tim CONGRATZ man you defo, deserve it.
  22. HELL YEAH!!!... thats the way it should have been in the first place peedi's voice is just plan annoying.
  23. Yeah what's up with the US sales... it should be way higher i just hope the album sales are good when it comes out..i'll be playing it all day tommorow!!!!!
  24. I saw the movie yesterday with my little brother since he's a big spidey fan.. i enjoyed it alot but it did seem like they cramed alot of suff in it at once but i gotta say venom was awesome tho!!
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