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  1. This is the letter I submitted to the Oscars..... You are by far the most unethical, inhuman organization I have encountered since the Treyvon Martin case. You provoked the incident encountered and pushed upon the Smith Family when you allowed Chris Rock to attack Mrs. Smith with her entire family sitting and watching. That was not a decision of your board. It was not written in your script. Which means you should have taken him off the air in mid sentence and replaced him with another host. It has been done in the past. Instead you provoked the incident and allowed your organization to cause Mrs. Smith emotional distress and cause her husband deformation of character. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE FAMILY SUES YOU. You deserve it. If I were he I wouldn't even accept your award for ten years. I have a loud mouth. I'm going to get Hollywood to go on strike from the Oscars until you let Will Smith come back. WATCH! You need to get with Chris Rock he made your organization look like nothing. It's just wrong. And yeah I am just an ordinary person but somebody needs to snatch a link out ya chain. Comprende. Im going to help your family put the word out if you think I'm wrong let me know I'll be watching. God bless you and your family Mr. Smith we love you so much.
  2. Mr. Smith. You should consider some new music take the kids with you they very talented. So is your wife and don't forget to legally step on the Oscars while doing so.
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