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  1. I really like I Wish I Made That and Swagga but the whole album is hot.
  2. I would like Will to collabo with the following: Lil' Wayne, T-Pain, T.I., Akon and an R&B/Rap joint with R. Kelly. the reason i pick these singers is that if will did a collabo with these people then people who dont know his music would at least reconize him and buy his album aswell as maybe buy his old classic albums. so it turns out better out with Will, :)
  3. Dang Will killed the song, will needs to make another dang album!!
  4. I want him to fight someone more challenging if theres a H2.
  5. Man ive been waiting for this to be confirmed! hopefully its going to happend.
  6. Haha same Will, he still reminds me from Fresh Prince.
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