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  1. Mariah Carey - Obsessed i've been listening to this all day!!
  2. Mariah Daily.com Press Release; Mariah Carey puts finishing touches on her New Album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel for August 25 Release Obsessed,'' first new single pick - goes to radio on June 16th, Written and produced by Mariah, The Dream and Tricky Stewart ''The first single from my new album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is called ''Obsessed'' and will be at radio next Teusday, I'm a lil exc... Seriously this is on of my favorite songs ever. I love the whole album. I'm completely immersed in it. I can't wait for you to hear it. LY''- Mariah Carey on Twitter.
  3. Aww man Alfanzo is hilarious ''She's funny very talented actress... coocoo!!'' lol
  4. Kris Kross ft Supercat - Alright (Humps for your Trunk Mix)
  5. 2 of my fav Will tracks is The Rain and Block Party both of those songs should've been made into videos.. just awesome tracks!!
  6. That live 8 show is defo, one of my fav performances along with the live dvd.
  7. It'll be interesting if the Magic can pull of a win tonight.. i just don't see it happening kobe's coming with it tonight!! you could tell he was upset with himself last game. I got lakers to win in 6
  8. OK why when i signed in with my facebook account it's got me at one post!?
  9. Mriah Carey - Right To Dream I'm loving this song more everytime i hear it
  10. Nice article, alot of great music came out of philly (That'll be a great idea for a jazzy jeff mix tape).. i'd love a new Boyz 2 Men album.
  11. Yeah her last album Brave just didn't make me wanna keep listening.. but her remix album is dope! LL COOL J - Old School New School Exit 13 (2008)
  12. Hey thanks for the re-up Romano! i've been puting of downloding this cause i have the dvd but its nice to have this dope concert on my computer. Romano do you have a rapidshare or zshare files for the downloads?.. cause megaupload just sucks for me.
  13. Jennifer Lopez ft Diddy + G Dep - Feelin' So Good (Bad Boy Remix) J To Tha L-O; The Remixes (2002)
  14. Man the people who run KC live are complete idiots.. how are you gonna kick The Magnificent of stage. i agree with AJ this could turn around positive for jeff's music.. and bring FP back!
  15. I'm not a Metriod fan. but Other M looks sick..and their not even done with it yet excited about SMG2 and 4 player New Super Mario Bros Wii.. and new Zelda in 2010. wish there was atleast a screen shot. Wii Sports Resort looks pretty fun with Motion+ and i don't know why Wii Fit+ is coming with a balance board when it already comes with the original. Nintendo had a decent show it couldn't have been worse than last year.. wish they'd spent more focus on WIIWare and DSIWare. and i want Starfox Wii!!
  16. Who Is Kel Spencer? Mixtape for some reason i've been listening to this non-stop today... it's just dope!
  17. My bad y'all, it's I before E haha.. hope your having a great bday Ali
  18. If I never see JJFP live, that concert dvd is a close second.. i'm just glad Will and Mary J did ''Tell Me Why'' live!! And yeah i think we haven't heard the last of FP on the mic.
  19. Hey Romano, Thanks for the vids.. i love the vid quality of ''The Things U Do And that's the best quality i've seen for ''Boy You Knock Me Out''!
  20. Happy Birthday Cookies!! hope your having a great one.
  21. It's gonna take me a while to get used to it.. but i like it... Change is good.
  22. Jay Z - Dirty Shoulders Jazzy Jeff My Favs Vol 1 (2009) Jazzy did his thing with this remix!!
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