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  1. If I never see JJFP live, that concert dvd is a close second.. i'm just glad Will and Mary J did ''Tell Me Why'' live!! And yeah i think we haven't heard the last of FP on the mic.
  2. Hey Romano, Thanks for the vids.. i love the vid quality of ''The Things U Do And that's the best quality i've seen for ''Boy You Knock Me Out''!
  3. Happy Birthday Cookies!! hope your having a great one.
  4. It's gonna take me a while to get used to it.. but i like it... Change is good.
  5. Jay Z - Dirty Shoulders Jazzy Jeff My Favs Vol 1 (2009) Jazzy did his thing with this remix!!
  6. Nice to here from u on the Boards Kel can't wait to see what you do with the ''What had happen was'' series.. and thanks for the free downloads!
  7. Fantasia ft Kel Spencer - When I See You (Remix)
  8. Mariah also said on her twitter page. she's in the studio with Timbaland working on some. Stone Groove Smash Hit Wonders!!! haha Can't wait for the album
  9. MariahDaily.com Mariah revealed the title of her forthcoming album. in an exclusive announcement she made on her twitter page. Bcuz I Love U i want u to be the first to know the title of my new album ''Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel ''Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel'' It's very personal and dedicated to u. half a minute ago from the web. ''Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel'' Mariah's 12th studio album is expeted to hit store this fall. we're all exited!! Sorry i double post. can someone get rid of the other one.
  10. Hasn't been a sitcom like FPOBA'' since.. one of the best shows. (S5 and S6 needs to come out on DVD already!!) Defo pick up the first four season.. don't download go buy the dvd!!
  11. Gym Class Heroes - Shell Shock TMNT Soundtrack (2007)
  12. RED and METH at it again!!.. this album is gonna be dope!
  13. And i got a couple more.. DJ Jazzy Jeff For Da Love Of Da Game Remix (Raheem and Vee) Lost Ones Remix (Laren Hill) scratchin
  14. Yeah, a little tight for cash at the moment but i will be picking up YES and the remix album.. i can't stop playing Zambony that and Fun are my 2 favs right now!
  15. Thanks bro! c y'all next race.. just added ya Big Willie.
  16. Hey Big Willie, what's your friends code!?
  17. Don't listen to a little kid.. even if he is your son.. What does he know!
  18. Hey guys i'm online and ready.. Where ya at!?
  19. Happy Mothers Day to my Mom I Love you mom.. to the fam here in the JJFP Community and all the Moms around the world!!
  20. If i'm home then its a go for me.. i'm not doing nothing right now though!
  21. Yeah that sucks, heard about that during the Cavs and Hawks game.. if only T-Mac and Yao could stay healthy for a whole season with ron i think they could go all the way. King James droped 41... MVP!!
  22. Yeah, i'm good to go till tommorow night.. just don't know when i'll be leving it'll be late though.
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