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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Damn that's hot really FUNKY :2thumbs:
  2. :bowdown: Yeah defintly...GRET WORK WILL :2thumbs: Keep it up
  3. I've been a faan since I first saw Fresh-Prince on TV and i will never stop :2thumbs:
  4. He should realese it soon cause otherwise people won't know what a great rapper he is...for know people have heard Switch and Party Starter. 2 great trax but Tell my Why has a great Message wich I think has to be shared not only to JJFP fans but to all those other cats out there :yeah:
  5. Yeah That's true He's down with them all but he won't start stupid beefs with someone just to get attention...let's face it where would 50 cent be today without beefing he's a bad rapper. Bad rappers like bad actors should have no parts-Will Smith
  6. I would defintitly ask about the tour...WHEN IS THERE GOING TO BE ONE :lolsign: :hmm:
  7. :bat: If you have heard that song I think you know what I mean. It really sonds like Girls Aint Nothin But trouble. Y'all should hear I think it's not only the way LL Cool J raps he has taken some lines from th JJFP song too. I've posted the lyrics but you have to hear the song to Maybe y'all allready knew this but to me it's new :kekeke: "Big Ole Butt" I was at the mall, sippin' on a milkshake Playin' the wall, takin' a break Admirin' the girls with the bamboo earings Baby hair and bodies built to swing That's when I seen her Her name was Tina Grace and poise kinda like a ballerina I said, "How you doin', my name's Big L Don't ask me how I'm livin', 'cause, yo, I'm living swell But then again I'm livin' kind of foul 'Cause my girl don't know that I'm out on the prowl" To make a long story short, I got the digits Calls her on my car phone and paid her a visit I was spankin' her and thankin' her, chewin' her and doin' her Layin' like a king on sheets of satin That's what time it is, you know what's happenin' She had a big ole booty, I was doin' my duty I mean, yo, I admit that my girl's a cutie But Tina was erotic, Earl's my witness With the kind of legs that put stockings out of business When I went home, I kissed my girl on the cheek But in the back of my mind it was this big butt freak I sat my girl down, I couldn't hold it in And said to her with a devilish grin... TINA got a big ole butt I know I told you I'd be true But TINA got a big ole butt So I'm leavin' you TINA got a big ole butt I know I told you I'd be true But TINA got a big ole butt So I'm leavin' you I went to the high school about three o'clock To try to catch a cutie ridin' my jock My homeboy's jeep, the system blastin' Cold forty dogs, smilin' and laughin' Girls all over, the kind I adore I felt like a kid in a candy store That's when I seen her Her name was Brenda She had the kind of booty that I'd always remember I said to my man, "Stop the jeep" She's only senteen but, yo, don't sleep I kicked the bass like an NFL punter And scoped the booty like a big game hunter I said to the girl, "Yo, you look tired Let's go get some rest, relax by the fire" I put the big booty on a bearskin rug She gave me a kiss, I have her a hug I said to the girl, "them young boys ain't nothin' You want to get freaky, let me kiss your belly button" I circled it and teased it and made her squeal Grabbed a pack of bullets and pulled out the steel When I was through, I wiped the sweat from my eyes When to the kitchen and got some sweet potato pies Tina busted in my house while I was eatin' You know what I said Too bad you caught me cheatin', but... BRENDA got a big ole butt I know I told you I'd be true But BRENDA got a big ole butt So I'm leavin' you BRENDA got a big ole butt I know I told you I'd be true But BRENDA got a big ole butt So I'm leavin' you I went to Red Lobster for shrimp and steak Around the time whe the waitress are on their lunch break I pulled in the parkin' lot and parded my car Somebody shouted out, "I don't care who you are" I paid it no attention, I walked inside Because Brian had a nine and he was chillin' in the ride I walked in the place, everybody was lookin' And shrimp and steak wasn't the only thing cookin' I sat down to eat, ordered my food I said to the waitress, "I don't men to be rude But I'll take you on a platter" She said, "You got a girl," I said, "It don't matter You look like you're tastier than a pipin' hot pizza What's your name?" She said, "My tag says Lisa" I said, "O.K., you're smart and all that But when you get off work, yo, I'll be back" She looked at me and said, "Make yourself clear L, where we going?" I said, "Right here" She looked kind of puzzled, I said, "You'll see" I pulled up at ten on the D.O.T. When she walked out the door, I threw my tongue down her throat Pushed her back inside and pulled off her coat Laid her on the table and place my order And habe her a tip much bigger than a quarter On and on to the break 'a dawn All over the restaurant, word is born I heard somebody coughin', I checked my watch I couldn't believe it said nine o'clock I grabbed my pants, put on my Kangol Who did I see, Oh, yo, it was Brenda Yo, she worked at Red Lobster but I didn't remember LISA got a big ole butt I know I told you I'd be true But LISA got a big ole butt So I'm leavin' you See ya LISA got a big ole butt I know I told you I'd be true But LISA got a big ole butt So I'm leavin' you See ya
  8. That was definatly the best one in my opinion. :lolsign: Definitly agree :word: :2thumbs:
  9. My favorite is when he comes to say hello to mr.Banks who thinks he's blind and then he just gives him a low five and keeps on talking :kekeke:
  10. As you know will has a bunch of new movies coming out Pursuit of Happiness,Tonight He Comes and Time Share... Maybe he should do a soundtrack to one of them. Not only for him self but for promoting artists like Tatyana Ali,Kel Spencer,Jill Scott and other people from his or Jazz record company. Maybe he could put the song on the new JJFP album if there is going to be one. I think it would be great with a soundtrack..the last movie he was on the soundtrack was Sharktale an d that was only a featuring. :word: :2thumbs:
  11. Personally I think it's good that he does all these action movies while he still can!!! :2thumbs:
  12. :mygod: It's all god with the pictures ...thanx a lot It's good to see them together like that...
  13. Well it is one of he's greatest movies and it includes a bunch of other hollywood superstars....like Gene Hackman,Jon Voight and a bunch of smaller roles like JackBlack and Jamie Kennedy :mygod: And will get's to play an everyday man not a cop or hero he's just an ordinary man ...and that's when he's the best :bowdown:
  14. I don't know if you guys care but on Xzibits last album Weapons of massdestruction he saya on the song,Criminal set That : "Lately I've been felling like will smith,why bother with rap if I can get 20 mill on a flic." Not sure if it's a good or bad thing. I also have a good remix of Hey Now and Switch maybe I'll be able to post it in a while
  15. Ahh maan I didn't know that i always thought Nelly was cool but now I see why...He's a JJFP fan that explains all :2thumbs:
  16. I would love to hear Will and Jay-Z produced by Jazzy Jeff andmaybe a chorus with Jamie Foxx :2thumbs:
  17. Excellent news :2thumbs: but didn't we all know that it was meant to hapopen with this album...It's very very strong and marks Will Smith position in the world of rapmusic :bowdown:
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