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  1. Quick question= can anyone confirm that the shoes Will takes of when he goes in to the captains office in Bad Boys 2 is Air Force Ones??? :hmm:
  2. Will has allready said that he's going to realese Tell Me Why as his next single... :word:
  3. You know Will is a pretty common name/nickname and Smith is a common lastname so I'm not surprised of this...come on there's a bunch of Will Smiths out there. :mygod: I'm with you on that one Viktor
  4. I feel yuo though I think Will should wait until he's to old to act before starting directing. I think Actor/Emcee is enough for will right with a directing career when would he be able to go on tour :word:
  5. I couldn't have sade it better myself. Lost and found has really made Will stronger in the Game. :2thumbs: JumpinJack AJ I feel you :2thumbs: It seems like everyone want's will as a rapper/Emcee
  6. :thumbdown: I really don't have the opportunty to buy any JJFP records the record stores around my town are straight commersial only the most famous artists are sould there and alltough will smith is famous they only pick like POP and ROCK I hate that sh** It's the same with the radio stations why do they only play the biggest hits over and over again...instead of playing songs from the whole albums
  7. I went to imdb to find out more you could check it out for yourself http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005355/
  8. Ok let's put it like this then in wich line of work does Will have the best future...I mean he's great in both genres and I think that he thinks music is more fun than movies and Lost And Found was a real hit specially compared to Born To Reign.
  9. MAKE YOUR CHOICE IS WILL SMITH A BETTER RAPPER OR ACTOR I Think Rapper but what about you :2thumbs:
  10. Eyy wassup Chasing Forever is by far one of hottest songs ever made by Will. Ithink Will does the best songs when they're made ffor Jada. Just listen to Chasing Forever and Maybe which is by far the hottest track from born to reign. The lyrics in theses two songs fits absolutely perfect with the beat. So does Coul U love me from Lost and found. :2thumbs:
  11. Yeah the Boom Boom room is around there so this might becom real interesting...anyone know anything about will producing records?? :2thumbs:
  12. OK the final desition is here is Will Smith a better rapper or actor I'm sorry for the type error in the polls name It's supposed to say Rapper or Actor not Singer
  13. I was taught be smart stay humble I was taught be hard don't fumble I was taught in these concrete jungle Rumble young man rumble I was taught stay hard as they come dude I was taught any problems confront you I was taught in these concrete jungle Rumble young man rumble Juelz Santana-Rumble Young man Rumble
  14. :word: what would be better than a new album...and with a couple of great featurings too :yeah:
  15. Will is great when he plays these everyday characters not save the world types. But like Hitch and enemy of the State. :2thumbs:
  16. Will is the best shure there are people like Denzel,Jamie Foxx and sam Jackson but Will has truly shown that he can manage to be great in different genres :2thumbs: keep upthat good work Will :lolsign:
  17. I think Will has done better than lots of actors that got oscars but still he hasn't got one. I really hop that Pursuit of Happiness gives him an Oscar :2thumbs: . Overall theres a lot of god actors that don't got an Oscar. If I could deside I would give Will at least an Oscar for his remarkable performance in Ali. Wich is his best movie according to me...if you disagree please reply or if you agree for that matter :2thumbs: :lolsign:
  18. All soundtrax to Wills movies are great. I specially like the soundtrack to ALI with songs from R.Kelly and Alicia Keys. :2thumbs:
  19. Nice Nice does anyone know if the shows will be available on DVD :2thumbs:
  20. Make your Choice..I've made mine :2thumbs:
  21. Does anyone know what happened with Carlton after fresh prince...I know he was in the Wild Wild West video but what happened after?? :hmm:
  22. :wiggle: Thanx veeery veery much...extremly funny :lolsign:
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