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  1. Yeah that's the truth...I saw The Fugees live in december last year that's was great...I think Jays album is going to be called The Dynasty vol.2 and Dre is comin' out with his new album Detox soon to he's allready realesed a song called The Chronic 2006 with Nate and Snoop :word:
  2. When he goes down to the Billiard hall and breaks out lucile or whatever the name was I forgot :mygod:
  3. Yeah but it's true thank god Eddie got the role...Sly wanted to change the characters name to Motor City Cobra :stickpoke: :mygod:
  4. Grandparents are great On them you cannot hate 'Cause when they're in town It gives my face a frown They know how to get down 'Cause they've been around For quite a few rounds As the world grows colder They grow older They won't be around forever I wish we could go on together These are ok Next theme: Teachers :stickpoke:
  5. Yeah that's true...and by the way did y'all know that Sly Stallone was offered the roll as Axel Foley in Beverly hills cop...maybe it doesn't belong her but it's fun info :stickpoke: :mygod:
  6. Ok so maybe I missed some tracks but I only picked 1 track from each SOLO album by Will...And by the way "I loved you" isn't awesome I think it actually sucks :mygod:
  7. Summertime and So Fresh...So Fresh is hot it's the best video I've ever seen :bowdown:
  8. Good keeep it up I woul d love to hear more :word:
  9. I had to go with Lovely daze I have a friend that sounds just like the dude in the chorus It's real funny when I play it for him...he's like hold up that's me :stickpoke:
  10. I thought about taking 1000 kisses but I only picked one from each album and Maybe is a far better song than 1000 kisses :mygod:
  11. This is exactly what it is. The context makes it pretty clear. :word:
  12. Make your decision which is the best lovesong from our main man Will....i've made my choice :dj:
  13. Say what now...Iwanna rock right now :bowdown:
  14. The Oscars are not going to be shown on sweidsh TV they put so much money into the olympics so they can't afford the rights to the awards...that suxx :mygod: :paperbag:
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