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  1. Grattis! o tack Big Willie för den grymma låten
  2. Thanx and sorry for bringing this up again but I haven't been in here for a while and if you want answers then you must ask to get them,right? And I don't think we should close the thread what so bad with explaining things to people...have patience...The whole worlds in a rush, big ted just hush :smart:
  3. I listen a lot to music and so when i hear any artist say Big Will, Will Smith or anything like that I listen more and search fro lyrics on the net but when i can't find lyrics and canät make out the words in the song I become puzzled so if anyone could help me with the following... I don't know if you've heard the song it's a couple of months old... DMX-We in here in the song he says something bout Will but I can't make out what...does anyone know? Then there is songs like Start from Scratch with The game where i can't understand what he means...It's in the second or third verse i think and It goes like this: I would have told Big Will it rain every Tuesday and Thursday , When pigeons in your coupe you gotta watch where your birds lay And In the Outkast song In due Time´big boi says: Fallin a victim to your greed boi You're lookin to be Big Willie, but you're still a seed boi could you help clear this out for me
  4. To become an active member and download stuff from the forum you have to make 100 posts i think...Its ok if it takes a while so PLEASE DONT POST TO MUCH!!!! you can wait! I did the misstake to post to much nonsens (about 20 new post in a day) and that was what got me suspended for about 1 1/2 month I think. :lolsign: speak up my brotha...carry forward the message bout posting and posting to much stupidness
  5. So u got Made in America ?!
  6. I've got 1) where the day takes u 2) Six degrees of separation 3) Independence day 4) Men in Black 5) Enemy of the state 6) Wild Wild West 7)The legend of bagger vance 8)Ali 9)Men in Black 2 10) Bad boys 2 11) I,robot 12) Sharktale 13) Hitch and i got FPOBA season 1 and 2 + the Live 8 dvd+ Will Smith Video Collection
  7. I haven't seen him live yet but I will...hopes that he'll make a tour or somethin...han borde åtminstone komma till Sverige som han gjorde på MIIB galapremiären.
  8. Come on people vote more!! he has fallen down a lil bit lately so y'all need to start doin your work as fans I single handed voted him up one spot so he beat Rakim and tell your friends to vote for him to...maybe he can take the lead.
  9. U know there's a reason they call it ACTING :word:
  10. I haven't heard anything about this til today so anyone care to give some background info. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0375663/
  11. Dope we all got different opinions...u know where I can find the DMX remix
  12. I uploaded the freshman remix of party starter to anyone that doesn't have it...Personally i think it's far better than the original and all th other remixes. http://www.megaupload.com/se/?d=1VFSEI1L Please state your opinion by voting in the poll...if u choose other please post which. Peace Out
  13. I don't know...Wild Wild West maybe "Hold it or wear it"
  14. It breaks down the skeleton from inside and causes the miond to see things. Thx for the understandin
  15. It's a sickness that only occurs in the northern part of Europe the doctors said it's called Skjörbjugg. I can still remember the pain, it was horrible. I felt like I was floating between our world and some sort of dreamworld. BUt now I'm healthy(almost) and I wish to forget the last couple of months. If anyone got any further questions just ask.
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