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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. I don't have them but I'm searching a lot If I find any I'll let you know :stickpoke:
  2. First of all I see lots of y'all have put Bad Boys 1 and 2 up top...To me thats just stupid. If that's your favorite movie then why is Will your fav. rapper....I could think of one that'll suit y'all much better...50 cent Now to my list: 1.Ali 2.Enemy Of the State 3.The Legend Of Bagger Vance 4.I.Robot 5.Men in Black
  3. :bowdown: Ahh that's nice...thanx for posting I've been trying to get a hold on this for a long time. :bowdown:
  4. :2thumbs: :word: Nice perfoemance I didn't know 'bout
  5. :2thumbs: Nice Nice...except the cover but it's the inside that counts isn't it do anyone know when or if they're going to release all the seasons n one huge FP box
  6. I was searching the internet for pics of will and came across this site....really funny Check it out http://www.worth1000.com/cache/contest/con...splay=photoshop Check out the other celebs too :2thumbs:
  7. Uhm are u shure I know it's converse in I,Robot but in Bad Boys 2 think about it .. I will watch the movie again :kekeke:
  8. It's nice to see them together still after all these years. It brings out a smile :2thumbs:
  9. LL Cool J is good at everything he do...he's awesome...just look at his movies he must be the second greatest rapper/actor. :lolsign:
  10. didn't know that thanx for posting :yeah:
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