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  1. Yeah Yeah you really got it..this is fantasic :2thumbs:
  2. I would be happy if anyone could tell me if they knew any good Will featurings on other artists albums. I've looked everywhere but it doesn't seem to be any. Do anyone know anything about the artists signed to Wills production company Overbrook?? :wiggle: And what happened to Tatyana Ali anyone know anything abut her?? www.overbrookent.com
  3. My favorite fresh prince moment is when uncle Phil dances in front if baby Nicky and seconds later Will runs down the stairs and scream EARTHQUAKE. Please list your own favorites or :yeah: give other remarks and discuss there choice. :hmm: An other good one is when Carlton,Will and Jazz plays poker and Carlton and Will makes up a story to make jazz un focused and later Jazz dresses up like someone from the story and scares the crap out of them. This has to be seen :lolsign:
  4. OK NOW I TOOK IT ALL AWAY...HAPPY :2thumbs: I understand you but we all have different points of view. :mygod:
  5. I'm posting this remix of switch and Xzibits Hey Now produced by Timbaland. It's all good,pop the bottles life is lovely.
  6. Will Smith is going to produce a new movie starring Big Boi from Outkast and a varitey of other hip-hop stars. The project is titled ATL and it's a Comedy/Drama. The project is to be directed by the one and only Chris Robinson,famous director of music videos. The movie is going to be out in 2006. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0466856/ It's really kinda hard to explain how your smile been burnt to my brain-Maybe(Born to Reign)
  7. Yeah! :2thumbs:I think it would be great with a break from movies. That means more time for music and maybe even a tour... Keep up the good work Don't let your wins go to your head or your losses to your heart... :2thumbs:
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