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  1. I'm not sure who should run the label, but Def Jam could use one new, young, and totally unheard of talent to blast the door back open for Def Jam.
  2. I was flipping thru the channels and came across the E! True Hollywood Story of Will Smith. Of course most of us all know the story, but I thought it was cool to watch. I thought it was old, but it was brand new, since the last thing they mentioned was 'I Am Legend'. They added that it will be the most grossed movie ever, even more than Will's last. I'm not sure about that, but it does seem like a very hype movie. I'm looking foward to seeing it when I can. I'm curious what role Jada tried out for on the FPOBA. So if anybody is looking for some Will to watch, check out E! for when they'll show this again.
  3. Have anybody else got an email about Kel's new mixtape? I got it a few weeks ago, but the file is way too big for me to download. 791.8 MB. But anyway, it's suppose to be out December 3rd. Brooklyn Spartans Mixtape Tracks (zip format) http://www.box.net/index.php?rm=box_downlo...name=mkici9vd09 He sent it for review purposes.
  4. Reminds me a bit of 2pac. Which seems rather obvious from ur sig and stuff. Everything was cool. You put together a nice chorus and hook. I liked how you used examples to tell a story and make a point. The only small flaw I have for this song is, "They Have The Death Penalty and They Actually use it (God your Stupid)" - You're trying to convince people to learn right from wrong, and empower religious beliefs as the way out or for help. All that's ok, but just take out the "God, you're stupid". Maybe instead say "That's so stupid". But other than that, all the verses is ok.
  5. 0/10 for Hello Brooklyn?!? It must be a big city thing, Mr. Chi-town. That joint is crazy. And Lil Wayne did just fine I think. I think that was actually Lil Wayne's best way to deliver (of the few songs of his I've heard). I can understand the Lil Wayne fascination, but I don't get it. That Beastie Boys sample is what did it for me. Totally rocks. "Helllllooooooo Brooklynnnnnnn!!!". People are gonna react to tracks differently for a lotta reasons. I really like AG a lot, I guess because of the mind state I'm in. And because I finally realized some time ago, I can't front on Jay-Z.
  6. I got it and I do. I love this album, as a whole.
  7. This is turning out to be one of the best NFL seasons ever. Ok, the Pats "Cheated" the first game. Who's to say there isn't anymore methods to their madness? What I don't understand is how they could cheat against the Jets? That "run up the score game" was probably proof that 'we're the best even when we don't cheat'. With a 9-0 record right now, who can argue? And wouldn't it be ironic if the Patriots go 16-0, and the Dolphins go 0-16. (the Dolphins 1970-something team went undefeated. So then they can claim undefeated and TOTALLY Defeated). btw, that 6 interceptions by Peyton was a record. Most in his career. Dungy screwed up. Peyton screwed up. Vintetari screwed up (which was unbelievable, kick the ball straight). You gotta give it to the Colts D tho, they woke up and kept the Chargers scorelss the rest of the 2nd half.
  8. Aww. Poor Kanye and the rest of the West Family.
  9. Sounds cool. I just watched the VH-1 Storytellers version w/ Jay-Z. If anybody finds the audio version of it, I'd love to have it. After watching and listening to Jay-Z explain his album, I'll buy it no problem now. Seems like the songs were better live than on cd (based on what everyone on here who has it has said).
  10. Shanice - 21...Ways To Grow Hey AJ u were right. I love this album. Whenever I play it, I always make sure it's during a time I can play it the whole way thru, just because I feel it'd be an insult to stop in the middle of it.
  11. I really hope it gets cracked. This is what that whole No Snitching/Stop Snitching comes to. People misunderstand it's beginnings and others suffer.
  12. Word Ant1. HHH won't leave that out. No respecful & knowledgeable Hip Hopper would leave that out. It should definitely both Will AND Jeff. Will loves the spotlight. Jeff loves being behind the scenes. Together they were JJFP. Won the first rap grammy. And every different act was standing behind them. NWA, Public Enemy, LL, Salt n Pepa, etc. They have both done get things, together and separate. They won the grammy in '88 right. 10 years ago and then have them at Hip Hop Honors. Tim, work your magic and spread the word to get interviewers to keep asking "When will you guys clear your schedule so you can be at Hip Hop Honors?" They get tired of the same questions and then provide a thoro answer or action. We need to make that one annoying til they answer.
  13. Cool. Glad to be of service. Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying (most people would add "after hearing a Lil Wayne song") But I was forced to hear radio, and I heard it, and I like it.
  14. And those are the only 3 Jay-Z albums I have. Those were obviously classics because they were intricate points in Jay-Z's career. Reasonable Doubt was super hunger. Blueprint was him running the game, and having a lot going on. The Black Album was suppose to be his final song. The game is no longer Jay-Z's. He's on somebody like LL Cool J's level now. It's just in him to put out because of a commitment to himself, his fans, and hip hop. I'll peep some of the tracks from American Gangster when I get a chance though.
  15. Calling 2pac's murder an assassination is something deep. I have a few of those 2pac DVDs as well. I tend not to think about it anymore, and I haven't listen to 2pac in a really really long time. 2pac & Biggie, I swear there is something to it and it's nothing new. Everybody that knows the story can gather evidence and every finger pointed would be justified. I find it ironic that 2pac was the savior for Deathrow, no masters means no them, and Deathrow is nowhere now. The whole Tupac murder, even Biggie and Jam Master Jay is mind boggling. And I just thought of this, of those who were murdered and involved in Hip Hop, has their murders been solved? It's topics like these that can make up talks for years. I might pick up this DVD for the extra more detailed stuff u said AJ, but most of it, I've already heard thru the few DVDs I have.
  16. Awesome article. I really identify with the "something to clean the house to". Wish I was one of those 3000. It must be cool to hear about people before they get big and famous. I don't have any of Jeff's cds, but I respect what he does so much. He just really cool. (no wonder KevTastic has a series of pics with Jeff) I'll surely make an effort to get his production of projects when I get a chance.
  17. Me too. Kel will never be better than "The Wilderness" to me. Once I saw the video, I was sealed.
  18. Welcome to JJFP forum. The most reliable place to get all your DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (Will Smith), and others alike info.
  19. I saw this video on Rap City earlier today. It was cool, and just ok. I had all kinda thoughts towards Jay-Z. I've never been big on Jay-Z until recently from listening to few albums of his I have. (all 3 classic). I don't know what to make of this "comeback game" of his just yet.
  20. Hey Vipa. U really did it up with this. Nice remix. 2 of my favorite joints rolled together.
  21. And with that note, I wouldn't be surprised. It's nothing to get bent outta shape about, right. But it's just funny. Or better yet, maybe Jaden saw the FPOBA episode where Will learned karate for Lisa, and got inspired.
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