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  1. Sadat X- God Is Back y'all should download this asap
  2. I don't really watch much TV...I don't have time AND I don't wanna get sucked into it too much, but one show I always try to catch is "Lost." I love how it leaves you hanging at every commercial break and end of every episode.
  3. First, shout out to Rev Run's and the Wu-Tang/Indie albums that came out last week (I still gotta check those out), but here's some others that should be of interest to y'all... A 4-MC group from Florida. Some tight throwback production (9th Wonder produces a track) and well as superb chemistry. Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, J-Live, Wordsworth, and Cassidy appear. Basically, if you really like Little Brother, this will sound proper to you too. Sadat X...of Brand Nubian. Need I explain? (This is NOT the official cover). This is a rerelease. It comes with a bonus cd. This is the epitome of blending Hip Hop and soul together! Look no further. So that's what's out there. Anything else that I'm forgetting?...
  4. Why don't G-Unit go after Kane and Biz Mark, Masta Ace, Marley Marl, along with Kool G and just bring all the Juice Crew back together? :lolsign: :shakehead:
  5. Sorry, I'm tired of how many of the dudes in the league act and dress. Ever see how A.I. dresses? It's not a big deal if a few of them dress like that, but almost all seem to and they need dozens of tatoos now. Doesn't anyone like to be original anymore? Oh yeah, Stephen Jackson, wearing thick ass chains is not Hip Hop by the way. Way more to Hip Hop than throwback jerseys, Benzes, diamond studs, and plat necklaces you fools!
  6. No Calicomm was all Haiku IMO. I wasn't feeling most of Del's songs nor the one appearance by the other Hieros. You must get "True and Livin'" from Zion I though.
  7. Dang, for all the Cali Hip Hop you know, you ain't checked out Zion I and Crown City yet? The two artists are rather tight w/ each other in the first place. CCR's aren't quite as known yet. They had a cd last year called "Earth Tones," it was one of my top 5 favorites of '04. Scarub, Gift of Gab, and Zion were all on it. Crown City Rockers are a Hip Hop band (much like Roots), with a solid MC (who never cusses by the way) and three or four guys who play instruments and this chick with rocks the keyboard. Zion I...well I'm suprised you don't know much about them! Their "True and Livin'" cd is still my top pick from this year. Amp Live is probably my favorite producer of today, and he could already be mentioned with the likes of Pete Rock, Premier, RZA, etc...
  8. What d'ya mean no jazz-rap anymore? It's still out there! Zion I's recent cd was full of jazz-rap, Crown City Rockers from last year, K-Os, Haiku D'Etat, plenty others that I can't recall at the moment. It's still alive though, more or less. However, it's seems to be all in the underground.
  9. Why yes, I've had it for almost a couple weeks now. It stayed in my car for quite some time. "Bring That Beat Back" is a banger, and probably the best song. That, along with "MKLVFKWR" and a couple others almost take you back to the vibes of Fear of a Black Planet and whatnot. It's not gonna change the game, but it's Public Enemy, everybody here should be checking for it. "Check What You Listening To" is another good song, and a psedo-tribute to Jam Master Jay. I just might buy the other one with the DVD and Katrina song when it comes out and give this copy to a friend who would ignore it otherwise...
  10. Speaking of Chuck D...y'all got that new PE album yet? New Whirl Odor?
  11. You're right. I fortunately haven't heard anything from him in a long time, and when I saw that commercial, I realized how annoying his rapping voice is. Oh well though, I'm sure fans with ALL his cd's will still buy this album, whatever.
  12. I was thinking Public Enemy's and Moby's "MKLVFKWR" song. :hmm:
  13. I made a whole mix of twenty songs that were very spiritual out of the hundred of Hip Hop cds I have. They all had little-to-no cursing. My younger sister loved it, and she's not a fan of Hip Hop at all! I will post up those tracks on here once I get a hold of the disc. Here were a few from it: KRS-One- Higher Level Rakim- The Mystery Killah Priest- Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Zion I- One Chance Public Enemy- What You Need Is Jesus Brand Nubian- Allah & Justice to be continued...
  14. Public Enemy- Bring that Beat back anybody else got their new cd yet?
  15. Creative is better! They will be coming out with a new 8 GB Creative that will kick the Nano straight in the ***!
  16. Time for Will to go indie! Seriously: he's got the dough for that. On another note, I was doing a short project outside for my Geography class, and some big ol' looking like 50 Cent jockin' dude (he was Black too, in case you're wondering; I'm not trying to offend anyone by stating this) but he was trying to pick up on a late 20s-something mother-of-two that was in my group (he failed miserably) and I noticed he was carrying around the "Lost and Found" cd. Thought that was interesting, nonetheless.
  17. Blackalicious- Supreme People Haiku D'Etat- Non Compos Mentis
  18. Wait, ted: you're on the Acey bandwagon now too?! :gettinjiggywitit: :thumbsup:
  19. I couldn't believe they had Nelly on there. :jada: He's about the least Hip Hop of a person I can imagine. It started out quite wackly with him performing and then Ciara??? These people don't belong in this show at all. Anyways, the rest was great, especially the BDK segment, and it's one of the few instances on TV that gives me the impression that Hip Hop has "grown up."
  20. Word! I never thought about that one, but FPOBA should be honored somewhere down the line.
  21. Kool Moe Dee, or Treacherous Three...either way it would be appreciated Slick Rick tha Ruler? :1-say-yes:
  22. Oh yeah, forgot to big up Black Thought for his appearance...whom better to tribute BDK than the one who identically imitated him on "Boom!" from last year? And Common finally got his breakdance down...he tried it twice when I saw him in show earlier this month! :pony:
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