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  1. Personally, I'm pretty sure what works, yet most choose not to listen. But what works for one doesn't always work for another. Three main things to cut out: Soda Alcohol (esp. Beer) majority of red meat (esp. pork, hot dogs, hamburgers) Those three things should put one on the path to success, if they got the strength to control themselves. I personally cut out those three things and it's worked wonders. Not that I was ever husky, but now it's hard for me to even put on a pound. I can treat myself to chips, cookies, and ice cream (three things I stayed away from while losing weight) occasionally and not pay the price. I also adopted better habits like eating smaller portions, and eating more greens (like salads). That's my personal advice. God willing I never go back to eating things like that, and I live well into my 60s, 70s, 80s, etc with optimum health and live to tell the younger generation about it. It's sort of my lifetime experiment :paparazziupinthespot: . Oh yeah: and try to avoid fast foods AT ALL COSTS! One...
  2. Dang...heads been sleepin'! I can't pull up the link, but if you google "Decon media" you can hear two more tracks from the album in the "Music" section of the site. Happy listenings...
  3. Pistons and Spurs rematch tonight baby! :willvspaparazzi:
  4. Chamillionaire- Snitches not bad for my first commercial buy in ages!
  5. Batman Begins The Island (a sleeper) King Kong was great bad: Fantastic Four Doom (not too good) I didn't see that many movies this year, but I know some bad ones were out there. Hollywood's really struggling right now...
  6. Cool...actually only two of those are on the new album...I already got "Fire" playing through the Apple Computer for everybody at work, employees and customers. You can go to undergroundhiphop.com and listen to 1 minute snippets of each songs if you like. Be sure to go out and buy the darn thing instead of jacking every song off the internet...that would be much appreciated.
  7. ? at this point I'd be suprised if it comes out at all now
  8. Slick Rick ft. Canibus- King Piece in Chess Game (1999)
  9. in addition: Wu-Tang Freestyle Fellowship X-Clan Ultramagnetic MC's Juice Crew Eric B. Rakim Jungle Brothers Boogie Down Productions Black Sheep Gravediggaz Organized Konfusion!!! The Roots Black Moon Smif N Wessun DITC how could I forget Stetsasonic?
  10. Not too shabby. You've been in the know longer than I have apparently...
  11. If Ludacris keeps making the corporate-manufactured lyrics and degrading singles, he should expect a little backlash no matter how positive he is outside his music. Oprah needs not treat him like dirt though. Ludacris does have a lot of charisma as an MC, I'll give him that. Them lyrics though...they could use a makeover or two! It's getting a little old.
  12. It's obvious who the two best teams in the league are...and they will match up on Christmas day! :yeah:
  13. Check out the song "Simply" by De La Soul. It really has nothing to do with Christmas, but just about having a great time. Plus, the hook is basically a takeoff of that Christmas song by Paul McCartney & Wings. I've been playing it a lot at work lately.
  14. I'm open-minded (NOW!!!) so I won't say that we all HATE mainstream, but it definitely holds lighter weight with us. And yes...that guy is entitled to his own opinion so none of us need be a "holy roller" and try to make him change that. To each his own. Right??? Yo bigted, you been gettin' down to some O.C. lately?
  15. Smif N Wessun Black Moon or Buckshot AZ Geto Boys or Scarface C-Rayz Walz Gang Starr Canibus etc...
  16. Wave HIM off! Ignore this guy...he ain't the truth. The only good thing he took part in this year was sharing some of his fame with Common on Be. I want Common to win those grammys!
  17. The reason I stopped listening to Jay-Z was precisely for his "flow." I couldn't think of anyone else who litterally "talks" on wax like his was starting to do in many of his later songs. I couldn't stand it...sounded as if he wasn't even trying anymore.
  18. Yeah, I'm suprised it took so long for KRS to get mentioned. How about for street-wise lyricists...like Nas, AZ, O.C., Tupac, Scarface, Buckshot...and where are the mentions for Guru and Common?
  19. Glad to be of help. I haven't listened to that one in a while, one of my favorites from last year. Right now I'm really stuck on more of the so-called "grimier" stuff...Smif N Wessun, Buckshot, O.C., Gza/Wu, etc.
  20. There's not a whole lot on that list, I bet many will dissapointingly be pushed back for months or years, but I am looking forward to the Planet Asia albums coming out, and Chino XL, Aceyalone obviously...
  21. Do you like FP at all? Sure. Just cause he's not in my top ten doesn't mean I don't like him as a rapper. I respect him even more as Will Smith the man than Fresh Prince the rapper. FPOBA was and still is my ish. I do like that "Code Red" cd. I just thought I'd answer y'all questions, no please cease with the inquisition. :kekeke: :bat:
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