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  1. I'm not quite sure, but everything just works in this album. I thought it would have the feel of a mixtape with Paris doing solo songs and the guest spots, but it doesn't. It's way better than "New Whirl Odor" and may I say the best PE album since Apocalypse 91. Lots of good songs, the best ones IMO are Hard Rhymin', title track (wish it were rockin' on the radio; great spot by Professor Griff), They Call Me Flavor, and Watch The Door. This and Aceyalone's albums are the ones to have so far this year. how's the new e-40 album, anybody?
  2. Ha! I just got the title of the album. I don't think I will be copping, but y'all should get Public Enemy/Paris' new one, because it truly is a "Rebirth." No joke. :dj:
  3. Scary Movie 2 was whoreable. The trailer for Scary Movie 3 was hilarious, but I never saw it and I heard it sucked.
  4. If you need something "magnificent" to hold you over, look no further: sorry for being so corny! :kekeke:
  5. Yeah get that Acey/RJ album and J Dilla Donuts too! I still gotta check out the Cunninlynguist's new album.
  6. Who cares? Let em live! I really haven't heard much of their music, but I know they're independent and have come up on their own merits. I don't know had bad or good their music is, but it's good for them, and maybe good for Hip Hop. I'm not sure. All I know is be happy for them, and even I can start embracing all types of Hip Hop and be open-minded. It would be nice for y'all to do that too, but that's on you!
  7. looking forward to the Public Enemy, Ghostface, Soul Position, Akir Black Sheep, Jazzmatazz, etc... is Chino XL's cd finally gonna come out? maybe I'll check out that new Scarface, E-40, and possibly Juvenile if I get really bored.
  8. :paperbag: not me, not for money at least
  9. *teary eyes* so hard to believe this, on the same week he released his album...it's strange how these things work sometimes...not like he's been out of the biz for a few years or anything...it's the same damn week that his second album dropped...can't believe this!
  10. Common didn't win anything...dammit, dammit, da... It was cool to see him present with Chuck D. though, suprised to see that!
  11. thanks you got magnificent city? cant get it on itunes australia..which really sucks.. I'm still waiting for it in the mail. I thought I would get it on time. I could be listening to it right now. I ordered off hiphopsite.com and you get a poster, postcards, and a bonus cd of rare songs with the package. Should have it by the end of the week. The suspense is killing me. :stickpoke:
  12. Big up Hero (Tim), make it your day to remember.
  13. Who are the Roots??? j/k :kekeke: it's in California and it involves Okayplayers, so maybe Aceyalone will turn up there too, he should at least. It also happens to be the day of his album release! :paparazziupinthespot:
  14. I would highly recommend Guru's first two Jazzmatazz albums as well as the first two Gang Starr albums for little/none cussing and great messages Rakim always been quite light on the cursing KRS-One...usually Aceyalone usually takes it pretty easy on the swearing...the last Haiku D'Etat album had no swearing as someone said, Speech and Arrested Development Zion I Gift of Gab/Blackalicious Jungle Brothers newer artists like Crown City Rockers, K-Os, Wordsworth, Supernatural, and One.Be.Lo if you've heard of them ...happy listenings
  15. Just the question of this thread instantly brought clips of J-Live's "I'm A Rapper" skit and the first part of Jeru the Damaja's "Ya Playin Yaself" into my head. :pony: Anyways....
  16. Since we're talking mainstream, Chamillionaire is above-average. Cassidy is alright I guess, besides what's going on in his personal life right now...
  17. Was there pun intended or what, that's one of his most quoted lines?! :kekeke:
  18. Guru- Lost Souls "Jazzmatazz: Volume II (New Reality)"
  19. Nice production for that opening track of the album. Okayplayer's got a handful of the songs available to listen to already, but I think they are holding back on some good ones from us. I bet Soloman Jones, Junior, and Cornbread Eddy & Me will be three of the best tracks on the album judging by the snippets I've heard.
  20. I hope Hoopz wins. I am watching if given the chance and time.
  21. kinda sad that sage francis has the highest numbers out of all of those feels weird that I have that pumpkinhead album that only about 700 other people have
  22. Lakers stink, go Pistons! If Kobe keeps doing this, it's automatic that he'll be named MVP. For shame, because a guy like Chauncey Billups is working his @$$ off this year leading the Pistons to the best record in a decade...
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