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  1. No, it's not as if every rapper has a forum after themselves. This is one of the better forums with a solid core of contributors. Only Chuck D's can compare on that list...
  2. How 'bout we try something real simple and painless, and just list our top 10 favorite MC's to listen to...past, present, future, all time... Here I Go (in no particular order) Aceyalone Rakim Guru C-Rayz Walz O.C. Mr. Lif Lord Jamar Common Pep Love Chuck D.
  3. Group 1: 4 - KRS-One (by a landslide) 3 - LL Cool J 2 - Aceyalone (would love to put him over LL, but admittedly has had no commercial impact at all) 1 - Ice Cube (fell off in the mid-90s) Group 2: 4 - Rakim (The R!) 3 - Melle Mel (the first real MC) 2 - MC Lyte (haven't heard much of her) 1 - Method Man (got his own cool style, but not even close to one of the best in his clan)
  4. Yeah, I know. :stars: I was just wondering if you'd heard the full song somewhere. ??
  5. http://www.cmj.com/articles/display_article.php?id=6547211 I know it's still a ways away, but Aceyalone is coming back with his sixth solo due on February 7th. The entire album is produced by Def Jux's RJD2. If you heard the three cuts they had on Acey's last "Love and Hate," and the chemistry they had together, then you should know how huge this is gonna be. Here's a link to the cover and track listing (kinda weird, but interesting): http://www.accesshiphop.com/store/?itemid=10723
  6. LOL to that above!^^ With what Chief said, I still wouldn't care to hear his early underground stuff, just 'cause I don't care to hear him or his voice at all. But I hold no hate towards him at all. 50 Cent this, 50 Cent that...Blah Blah Blah, can we please stop talking about 50 Cent for the time being? I swear I see his name all over the internet, people trying to bring him down. That's probably how he's still staying famous.
  7. Sadat X- God Is Back J-Live- Harder Pigeon John- Draw Me
  8. Since we're getting close to the end of this year, for fun we might as well throw around some nominations for Hip Hop song of 2005 :paparazziupinthespot: : here's some off the top of the head: Tonedeff- Porcelain FP- Tell Me Why Guru- Feed The Hungry Little Brother- All For You Blackalicious- The Rise and Fall of Elliot Brown Living Legends- Never Fallin' Haiku D'Etat- Purgatory Zion I- Bird's Eye View Public Enemy- Bring That Beat Back Common- Be (Intro) any more noms?...
  9. Thanks you all for the best wishes. It IS my 21st, and my original post was being sarcastic, I think some of you got it. Peace.
  10. Yeah! It's my 21st birthday today. Now I can officially poison myself legally and start chipping away at those damned kidneys and liver of mine! HOORAY!!! :gettinjiggywitit:
  11. It has been in stores man! This one is almost as good as "Liquid Swords" and may be considered a classic a few years down the road, esp. with Gza's storytelling...but I've found myself listening to O.C.'s "Smoke and Mirrors" a whole lot more, which I bought at the same time. :wickedwisdom:
  12. I got into the the Suns-Pistons game during the 4th quarter and witnessed greatness. It was nice to see an abundance of Detroit fans in Phoenix's arena. As you can tell, I live in Phoenix, but am a Pistons fan first...DEtroit Basketaball!
  13. You should check out the rest on that list if you get a chance. Oh, two more I'd like to nominate... Asamov- "And Now..." Ellay Khule aka Rifleman- "Califormula"
  14. some of my other favorites... O.C. "Smoke and Mirrors" Sadat X "Experience and Education" One.Be.Lo "S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M." Black Market Militia "Black Market Militia" J-Live "The Hear After" there were some great compilations too.. "2K6 Basketball: The Tracks" (Common, The Roots, Ghostface, Redman, Aceyalone, Zion I, Blackalicious, more) "Calicomm 2004" (Del, Haiku D'Etat, Zion I) Project Blowed "10th Anniversary"
  15. C'mon...nothing wrong with the three albums mentioned, but I think that it's odd that everybody has the same answers. Y'all just not checking out other stuff or what? Don't bother to see what underground has to offer? Please, somebody let me know. :shrug:
  16. Great tune! Me? Gza (w/ DJ Muggs)- Queen's Gambits
  17. Zion I "True and Livin'" and the new Gza vs. DJ Muggs "Grandmasters" is right up there! Arrested Development came out with a new one??? :hmm:
  18. Can't believe he dissed AZ like that... and he's probably mad because Mos Def's got a hold of the one demographic that he can't get ahold of: those of us who actually listen to and appreciate lyrics (like probably all of us on this board)! alright, enough with the "hate"
  19. Tayshaun Prince re-signed for 5 years w/ Detroit! :1-say-yes:
  20. Trust me, they probably used the term "lashed out" to make it more dramatic. I bet he was simply answering a stupid question that was being asked.
  21. Yeah right thats`s why he made Songs like Toy Soldiers and Mosh *ahem*gimmicks*ahem* Excuse me
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