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  1. JJ and FP definitely gotta be in there they're losing credibility without Rakim on there De La, Tribe, or Brand Nubian deserve it it wouldn't hurt to honor an underground artist, like Gang Starr, or Kool Keith/Ultramagnetic, and of course I'd like to see Aceyalone or Freestyle Fellowship on there... So, any other early nominees for next year's show? :hmm: oh...and Wu-Tang?
  2. Nice to see Jazzy...Cool J killed it...coulda done without Nelly impersonating/biting...Great to see GMF & the Five...Melle Mel take steroids or what?...Kane was awesome, especially at the end how his stalky ass could still dance like that! Not as wack as I thought it was gonna be...
  3. Yes, his first cd was pretty good, although some obvious filler concessions bog it down. He's as real as they get, if only his flow and voice was better...
  4. That might be a thread stopper right there :damnyou: ...
  5. Ellay Khule- Needle Skipping Aceyalone- I Never Knew
  6. I won't be shocked, many a team has been in this situation and done really bad *cough* 2003-04 Lakers *ahem* My Pistons will be back again this year.
  7. Darnit, why does Kweli have to appear on every pop rapper's record? He's on David Banner's new cd and a cd by some white guy named Hush. Is he that desperate for attention? My respect is lowering for him daily...
  8. Eminem still nominated after such a letdown album? I'm not a K. West fan, but I would rather him be nominated, and why not Common? Oh well, these awards all always a joke anyways. Each ceremony seems to nominate the same sh**.
  9. Pumpkinhead- Anything it has a classic "Napoleon Dynamite" inspired skit at the end...y'all should really check the album out or at least download the song (which is quite good in itself)
  10. I can't wait for Ellay Khule's album on Tuesday! It just might turn the rap world upside-down... Ha! I just noticed your Acey quote in your sig. Big up! Hey check your pm, Hero.
  11. I wouldn't be suprised if someone cried to Murs' "Walk Like A Man," especially the second verse of the song.
  12. Little Brother's "All For You" came pretty darn close. I still say Guru's "Moment of Truth" is one of the most emotional songs ever made...
  13. I must post this whole song: [Akrobatik] Yeah, it was written in the books of Europeans we were savage That our history was insignificant and minds below average But how can one diminish the work Of the most imitated culture on this earth Fast foward to 2000 and now You see it everywhere you look, speech, music, fasion and style It's black dialogue Go ahead kid, try it on It's much harder to master than precision with firearms Corny nig**z switch it up and rent it to Viacom But it was taught to me early on by my mom Master yourself, for maximum outreach potential Respect that you get from that will roll exponential Preferential treatment, brings us heat when It only goes to those who rock the diamonds and sequence They invite the kiddies to the video show To watch the fake t***y models all act like ho*s I guessed it goes the more ignorance the more pressed But everywhere I look I see black people with more stress But does that mean we should be shucking and jiving F**king and kniving just to keep our bank accounts thriving See I walked the path my elder laid out Cause acting like a monkey for white folks is played out I get my own money, on my own turn Got heat for everybody, watch the microphone burn [Mr. Lif] let me tell you about my nig**z nowadays Nowadays nig**z acting like slaves because it pays many ways A, to get the pu**y - B, to get the cars C, the jewels around their neck But their demise is not farfetched Step with that Uncle Tom, f**king palm action And my TV's always off because I see something truely black then Aww sh*t, got a call from Brother Malcolm Awakening from the grave, he's asking "what the fu*k happened" I said these ni***z all want homes in the Hamptons It's Dimension shows so they do what white man asks them Throwing money at the screen that other brother ain't catching Yes, hellish foes, and now they rest in peace, thanks for asking They rather teach eachother how to fire chrome than to buy a home There's power in the land that we own You need capital to start to win the capitialism Take the money from the sales and find a place to be living Rather black landlords than white chalk on the floor Our mentalities for casualites are keeping us poor And the poor teach the rich how to work Rich teach the kids how to invest Hence we dying from stress And the rhythm from the drums shine its own sun My father said, "you think a brighter day ever gon' come" I said, "pop, rock the beat box and I'm a empty out my mind cause I'm around till I drop" Yo, Martin and Malcolm knew it Black dialogue Grandma Moses drew it Black dialogue Stevie Wonder seen it Black dialogue Many aim the steam with Black dialogue Jim Brown, ran with Black dialogue Huey Newton had a plan with Black dialogue Chuck D took a stand for Black dialogue KRS is the man with Black dialogue The whole world is after Black dialogue The whole world is after Black dialogue The whole world is after Black dialogue
  14. I had a long enough list as it is, and I had to leave some out, but here's some more that I MUST add: Saul Williams Wordsworth JJFP X-Clan there it is!
  15. Little Brother- The Minstrel Show and I picked up Pumpkinhead's "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn" today!
  16. I have yet to see it on Launch, and since I don't have the time to sit and sift through the crap on MTV, I have no way of knowing if they even play it yet...
  17. I did put Latryx on my list. I'm a big fan of "The Album." I can't say I care too deeply for "Same Sh%# Different Day," save a few songs. Do you got the two Haiku D'Etat albums. I like their recent one because I can play it at work and not get any complaints by customers for the lyrics. You should really search for a Mikah 9 album...they're hard to find, but well worth it.
  18. Old news, but underground animal C-Rayz Walz mentioned Will (and Jada) on his excellent debut LP "Ravipops" at the very beginning of a song called "Battle Me." It starts out: "Where there's a will there's a way Where there's Will there's Jada (and continues...) I kiss then piss in the face of a hater" (that's C-Rayz for ya) :chuks: - It sounded a lot closer to paying homage to Will, rather than a diss. I was delighted to hear this from C-Rayz...you never know what's gonna come out his mouth. Anyways, that cd is one of my favorites so I recommend checking it out. He also came out with a cd earlier this year titled "Year of the Beast." Just thought I'd bring this up in Will's forum... Paz
  19. I'm not TOO big on them. I'm more of a Fellowship, Zion I type of West Coast listener, but I respect Pep Love immensely...can't wait till "Reconstruction" comes out (whenever that may be). Opio's pretty talented too, I was suprised how much I liked his debut cd from this year...
  20. IMO...Zion I's "True & Livin'." Have u heard that?
  21. I don't have a camera, but I just wanted to say Hello. I signed up here recently, partly because my "Temple" has been under renovation for some time now, but I have viewed these forums for quite some time now, and I am impressed with some of the members knowledge and overall treatment of each other. I mean, I should expect that anyways from members of a jjfp board, right? Anyways, about myself, I live right outside of Phoenix, I'm 20 years old, white (if you cared), and a fan of a lotta old school and underground Hip Hop, as well as little Jazz and oldies, and basically a little bit of everything. Here are some of my favorite Hip Hop artists: Aceyalone Mikah 9 Abstract Rude ^(so I guess Haiku D'Etat goes without saying) Guru/Gang Starr Rakim Jeru the Damaja Mr. Lif C-Rayz Walz Common Latryx Blackalicious Brand Nubian Wu-Tang.......Inspectah Deck...Masta Killa...Rza...Ghostface...Killah Priest Masta Ace KRS-One Big Daddy Kane Biz Markie De La Soul Living Legends......Scarub...Bicasso...Eligh Kool Moe Dee J-Live (new album is great) Ultramagnetic MC's Stetsasonic The Roots Crown City Rockers/ Mission Hieroglyphics......Pep Love!...Opio...Del Zion I Leaders of New School Freestyle Fellowship Chuck D/Public Enemy Busdriver Edan Devin the Dude ...and the list goes on Amp Live (from Zion I) is my favorite producer in the present, and oh yeah...I'm not a big Kanye fan neither. Sorry! Although I did respect his recent comments on NBC. So that's me...I look forward to interacting with y'all on here. Peace
  22. Big Ted, I was halfway joking. Yes, people are gonna know of KRS before they know Acey, but what does that matter. He does have quite the gathering of loyal fans that stick through thick and thin. Heck, I know Acey's got some kind of following here in PHX. Whenever I go to a show, in between acts, what do the deejays usually spin...Public Enemy, KRS, Slick Rick, Rakim, Aceyalone, etc. The deejays have always fit him in with some of the greatest names in Hiphop. If you take a listen to his four/five solos, and then what else he has innovated and been a part of (Fellowship, Haiku) and even blessing others with guest appearances and being on compilations like the Calicomm cd from this year, Okayplayer, and the upcoming NBA 2K6 soundtrack, his work ranks up there with ANYBODY'S! Some of the nicest stuff Hip Hop has ever heard, IMO. Anyways, it's hard to say he's G.O.A.T. with little mass recognition, so maybe one could make a better case for underground/indie champ or lesser...like the godfather of Cali Hip Hop (along with Del, perhaps).
  23. so that's where T.O. has been? :davidblaine:
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