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Will recording with Game produced by the Neptunes

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No I seriously believed this.. like Julie I skimread it.. I went from thinking Will had done some music to he was never ever gonna do music again--it was the end... damn you Chris :hissyfit:

Same here Tim...I seriously believed it! Let's hope he will do some more music!

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So, I was thinking about this today...Found this old interview with Game from last year:

At 16:15 they ask him about meeting Will Smith....He mentions Willow so I'm assuming those pictures were taken at the same time of the story he's telling...Basically said Pharrell was working on tracks for her, so.....Yea. I'm thinking that was a session for her that Game happened to be at? (He does talk about spending a lot of time with Pharrell while making his album, so it'd make sense)...

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