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  1. Heyyy god damn happy birthday Mr. Hollywood aka will smith :thumbsup:
  2. AJ u need to understand people change and so does the time of rap, because LL can beat a few people in his days doesnt mean he can do it now, and YES I have heard Jay do a freestyle battle against, Diddy, DMX, Jadakiss, (The diddy one was the only one that wasnt a joke) but much more, go catch S.Carter the mixtape, that will change your perspective in battle rap, he can kill cats in a few minutes, Pharrell Williams said that he done "Change Clothes" "Encore" and "99 Problems" in under 45 minutes..... NAME another artist who can do that????? Period.
  3. Jigga will win maybe not hands down, but he wont diss LL for one reason, he got respect for him, he knows what he done for hip hop, Jay weren't born yesterday...I heard people from another board said that cameron could kill him without breaking a sweat, the thing is Jay said one simple line "You selling little tools, only time you went plat My chain was on your neck, that's a natural fact" I cant say who will win because at the end of the day anything can happen, I don't think LL is the same, he's tried to go back to "Jack The Ripper" days and that sh!t just dont work anymore....
  4. That was amazing man, i rapped that out myself first time i read it, and wow, flowed right that flow can hit to the heart, i got so much respect for the rhymes u giving out at the moment thanks for all this man, appreichated... J-o-e
  5. J-o-e


    Every artist is different, im not saying he'll make it, or break it, we wont know till we find out, and Will's simply just letting him do his thing, hes being decent, he can say u cant say that or dont do that, but that doesn't matter, Will's giving him a chance to be true and if he messes it up, his problem, Not wills. he's old enough to realise what he's doing...end of stop arguing lol
  6. Hey ya'll heres my review on Fabolous "From Nothing 2 Something" 1. From Nothin' To Somethin' Intro Typical Introduction, Nice long flow that sets the album of very nicely He decided to go more lyrically in this track, which i like when artists do this. 2. Yep, I'm Back Love the beat to begin with, defitenly a beat I would spit on, he pretty much states how better he is than he was, lyrically etc...not bad but not one of my favorite.... 3. Change Up-Feat. Akon Now this is one of my favorite tracks on the album...Akon does a great chorus The beat I believe is one of Akon
  7. Thanks alot FuQ, I will concentrate alot more now, I knew i had to improve the chorus anyway, but the lines u pointed out are some very good points, i'll be changing them up some point in the future, thanks for your views... Peace.
  8. Hey Ya'll!!!! When you lot last hear of me, i be working but anyway, I like kanye much better than 50 and havent even bothered listneing to 50's album, but I got all of kanyes, even his mix tapes, and the best songs on kanyes album are easily "I Wonder" "Coming Home" "Drunk And Hot Girls" And AJ hip hop HASNT faded away, you see talib with his new album, Common with his, that is hip hop, 50 cent is just pop to me now, when I heard "Power Of The Dolla" that was a little bit closer to hip hop than it is now, Has anyone heard Fabolous new albums, I'll give ya'll a review tommorow...good
  9. Whatsup Ya'll it's ya boy, i've been busy working alot so i have had NO time at all To check this place out and i've had barely any time to even write what i'm feeling Which is never a good thing and I advise all artists out there to take 10 minutes to jot down what they feeling at the time, because this world hurts, but anyway I'm sorry i havent been around but here it is, J-o-e "Angel In My Eyez" Compliments And Complaints are welcome, I need to improve since I havent Wrote anything. Oh and if anyone has anyviews on my chorus please post because I'm useless at them damn things haha
  10. Damn man that some strong sh!t, keep it up let the emotions fall off man it really is the best way, to be honest when reading it seems that u mentioned your fathers death twice, which is cool but when we listen we gonna be like "Well we just heard that" u know, but its your song and its dope... Keep it up homie! J-o-e
  11. Will is still quite young as a actor even though hes in his mid 30's, he'll act as long as morgan freeman, michael douglous, etc all the greats, so it won't suprise me if they havent already thought about doing a movie together, maybe 5 years, maybe 10, who knows....it could be 25, and I also think Lost In Translation is such a brilliant movie!
  12. When i rock the mic like i rock ur girl, i'll make it go outta control u know my flow because wit every line homie i can steal the show i'm begging for sum1 to step to the plate, but homie u already late i done beat u so bad cause i've already ate, we aint friends but i never hate i'm the only one who raps in my family, and i can take u back 2 101 two swift punches to the kidney i'm not joking son, your career is done so go back to your school and get a degree, don't try n rip my credibility before u realise the effort 2 be an MC, make u watch things i had 2 see don't think u know me b
  13. Ayyo wasup ladies and gentleman, i've been real busy with work n so on, so here it is... Different Views Written By Joey Craze We Got Different Views Put On Different Shoes Either Win Or Loose We Both Different Dudes We grew up together, but now when we look at each other it’s strange I see u hustling on the street struggling to attain some sort of fame When u asked how come I don’t want to make it? Why do u hate it? I replied by saying how do them girls fake it? Drug addicts sedated I got a full time job kept my head down, tried to make a new sound Tryi
  14. U spit first...it's all on you dawg, u challenged.
  15. You can battle me. Anytime.
  16. its good to know brakes is inspiring other artists, keep hip hop alive!!! lol
  17. That was simply amazing as usual FuQ!!
  18. It will be Man Utd vs Spurs....Spurs will take Chelsea on the reply, Chelsea were lucky to escape the last game, GO ON SPURS! Im a man u fan so ofcourse, I want Chelsea 2 Loose.
  19. Nah I wanted to watch it, but I thought it started at 4 and switched over to the Man C vs Blackburn game, wasnt a nice suprise lol, i'm upset spurs didnt get chelsea though, I heard that Spurs had a few chances 2 seal it off...but couldnt take them...Ah well its 1-0 Watford in the Plymonth game...
  20. Something Will fall through and it's just gonna be a mistake haha
  21. Thank's ya'll...Yea I havent figured out how I'll flow this track yet, i'm sure I'll figure it out
  22. Cant hate on that list since JJFP weren't eligable, and some other groups, but i'm happy Run DMC were number 1, that's the only thing i'm real happy with, even if JJFP were up there, to be completely honest i'd rate Run DMC better than JJFP Peace. J-o-e
  23. Oh Gwad Help Us All Pop Will Never Be The Same
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