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  1. thanks y'all. This gonna be on my CD The Dynasty Begins by Blak Ace. comin soon! As soon as I record it
  2. All this *** is too much, nobody give a **** an' I aint stable cuz da bull****s startin 2 pile up the picture in the mirror is nothin but skull an bones dead man talkin, I just wanna be left alone my thoughts say end it, forget it cuz this pain i cant live with it an happiness used to be so vivid now bein high is the only way I can get it 2 be specific, life aint worth it, IM SICK OF IT always was a outcast, now I just wanna die no H2O from my eyes, I don't got time to cry no matter what I do, it neva gets better niggas makin it rain while Im just stuck in rainy weather maybe in death Ill be betta off cuz me an pops will be together all my work has amounted to nothin 2 the point where if I aint gone outta my mind, I dont wanna function I wasn't meant to be happy or somethin havin dreams of bein in the casket but I killed myself, didn't get blasted tired of livin the life of this unloved savage an since love is in recess, I just wanna rest GOD take the breath from my chest my feet dont wanna suffer another step at dis point, i dont know where Ill go they say hell gates', but I dont think so who knows my soul reguardless is tormented judge gave me the life in pain sentence an GOD hasn't offered no repentance everybody else off living betta than me **** is too dark and I can't see I dont care if U feel like dyin, cuz I do no matter how much money I could make, Im just not you if somebody told you im happy its just not true I am a prisioner of circumstance **** if I get a second chance, u niggas just don't understand I aint got no homies, no real life friends forget seein life thru, jump me to the end I aint at peace, I wanna be deceased **** eternally runnin these streets can live if no matter what I eat, the stomach pain repeats my soul is just ice cold, but don't nobody know I put up a warm front, so it just dont show the blood drip from my eyes, I got a broken disguise in the end, its my OWN EXISTENCE i despise so me wantin out this sick game should be no suprise NO REPRISE, I JUST WANNA ****IN DIE mind of a suicidal, gon head give me the title tired of sick **** I gotta do for survival the good die young, but the unloved die worse can't sustain with this curse GOD LET ME DIE FIRST
  3. My rhymes iz terminal in every sense of da word i gotta hit da pad, since all we got is da curb im haukin up mucus and spitin it at these losers when u destroy, destroy completely, da laws of rulers i got bars 4 days like a gym these is my foot soakin flos, u don't wanna see me swim feelin hopeless cuz nobody recognizes me feelin like I got evil hatchin up inside of me iz da best rapper since Pac somethin Ima have 2 die to be if so, oh well, who wanna ride wit me im so sick of livin in this prision no cell bars 2 see my vision jus rapper intution but in da dark i still hit da mark wit precision dont stress, even tho I probably curse before I bless jus az real as my dad iz in eternal rest Im ressurectin da real, and burnin da rest an i kno my message is contreversial but Im BA, even tho it hurts 2 not be admitted 2 da O.R even tho Im so surgical but not too many niggas operating these days are aint lookin 4 perfect days, just somethin betta than these days are momma kno an I kno that she raised a star i thank GOD homie, i don't praise no stars cuz wit a hot album, guess da outcome I'll be where they are that aint 2 say that I dont wanna spit wit niggas like Jay but reguardless how happy i seem, i can't jus up an forget da past like K but da saddest part about it iz suicide, i thought about it but Im more concerned wit my kids and how they gon walk up out it scarred 4 life, they can't pay that price **** I couldn't deal wit it if my dad died twice an if mama ever pass away i pray 4 whoever pass my way an that they watch what they say or da AK will spray im am mentally sick, but u should kno dis **** it shows itself in every ryhme, no matta how I flow da **** an my life in general I can't cope wit who knows if Id be alive if GOD didn't bless me wit dopest **** i write every one of these ryhmes like my last testament that's why I talk about so much 2 da best that i can spit my gravestone seems too invitin we need more than jus that west 2 be re-unitin we need 2 be a united people, 2 face what we fightin tha devil in flesh R we even fightin the devil yes but even I got sins, i must confess an yes, Im a repeated offender hell raiser born in december how god gon' destine the hottest 2 be born in winter I started out so innocent and lively now I don't kno what's worse tha demons inside of me, or what I might DIE tryin 2 be im a painful poet, not really a rapper persay i just kno how 2 rip a beat wit wordplay so in dis closin arguement, I'd like 2 state what can come from a baby feed hate and at what rate, does he begin 2 make mistakes an iz it death he'll face, before he completes his first tape does god's favorite goe thru hell before the well or am I a dellusional bastard, BORN 2 FAIL
  4. Being me seems to be a curse an it affects only one person on earth but what's worse being a un-original rapper spoutin lies or a dude who fights back till he dies I, must say option b seems better to me B L A K A C E is much better to be not a thug, but I keep it hot call me Huey P, keepin the gloc train is full force now, can't jus stop runnin over the rappin damsels distressin me when my tape drop haters watch, real dudes clock tha poet up there wit Aesop and they not so why not say it got automatic ryhmes, why not spray it that game was blessed 2 me, why not play it? even tho tha hardest times is sent 2 god's favorites so any suggestions, save it my life is these ryhmes exactly how I display it so if u aint feelin this flo, cool i got other ones but remeber, there's a lot of stars, only one sun lotta clip speakin bull****, but very few gunz Sin Tzu got that militia he's here 2 stay like bumper stickers flo 2 leave even the coldest froze, who's SICKA? yeah, I know I just told y'all bout 2 cats both spit facts in they orginal raps u know they tru dudes, while most just wishes I write all my ryhmes, but most dudes is wristless Sin T-Z-U can teach u the art of war and Blak Ace can make ya life better than before but they both go by ace unless the wars on im still here, but ya boi's gone ohh, it was just a song accountant is where he belong game is 2 strong, mind is too long that's why God crumpled mines but when I get down I can kill like nines i make sense like good ryhmes an homeboy still aint signed? damn A an Rs is slippin record labels is trippin but its cool, i want 500 mil and Im dippin like a perfect robbery the best detectives couldn't follow me Blak Ace, y'all 2 hollow 2 be taste that, even tho superhead can't fully swallow me
  5. Man its da mutha****in finest my tracks get u tha highest, my flo is always timeless that means my word is foreva disreguard the weather homie u gotta get that chedda the time is now, my niggas, rize up and take over **** bein quiet, let mr. president know **** aint kasher stormin the whitehouse, set out to paint it black if u aint paintin me in a cell, then paint me strapped draw me ready to be violent or silent, but I can't be that listenin to radio stations like this can't be rap readin newspapers like this can't be fact rocking str8 black, wave cap with da fitted hat ready 4 da attack, like hell is where we at so we rock ice to keep cool, they try to break us down so we keep tools we stay awake, neva keepin company of fools they made ys outlaws since the cord was cut so **** the rules we the best an worse, we the gift and curse dreamin of life in da cradle, but ridin around in a hurse raised upside down so we breathe animosity niggaz ask a 1,000 questions, so we kill curiosity I'm too ill not to overthrow da hoes on top of me they all envious, but we fear not **** waitin till the beat drop, my gloc will tell u why im hot all of a sudden u hear 4 shots Blak Ace da King, beat by these whores? I think not because the king got too much evil with iron fists i guide my people give me liberty, or give me death on a steeple me an my niggas,got our eyes stuck on tryin to make figgaz wonderin why we got black broken wingz in camera picture they want me in the cemetary str8 buried so when they come full force, they killed in a hurry not a murdered, but God made me fight 4 mines slow but steady voice sayin kill em all in the back of my mind grippin my 9, I can't see my goal black ace, sometimes the concrete lets out a rose the road i chose was much safer but i gotta get this paper send my adversaries to their maker, tell him i'll be there later Copyright 2007
  6. the way I see it, hip hop might not be fully dead, but its on its last legs. When people like Wayne, Jeezy, and Cam'ron are at the 4front of the game, somethin's wrong. Somebody need to take these rappers back into reality. That's why the game's messed up, real is distorted.
  7. thanks, im gonna try to post more of my songs.
  8. feelin that one. Nice how u incorporated peoples songs
  9. hey man, its better late than never for my reply. But you killin it willie, i feel da song. you mad me stop back while i was reading on this line "It’s worthless; keep thinking that something has to give How can a life get taken before it’s had a chance to live?" You killed it. Keep on doin man, an ill see u at the top
  10. Blak Ace-6 Feet Below Cement- Stress is gettin worse I can’t even sleep the water was to knees it continues to get deep I just wanted monet to eat at the beginning now it seems that part of life is ending I starting to realize nobody gives a damn son now Im out for the death of all supporters of uncle sam they all got to die, for my money to multiply my heart went black when I saw the facts so im going to solve all my problems with rap they wanted me in the back of the bus so this time the bus im hijack all i want is my 40 acres and a mule what’s wrong with that couldn’t give my momma a job so we on welfare since she unemployed only I got healthcare and that’s only because Im trapped up in this system stuck in school with other fools learnin the government’s wisdom if they stress dont murder me they will in the dark of the night huntin me because I try to teach others the real the pain alone is enough to contemplate my death but I can’t cause of what’s left, I cant take the final step I leave it to the hands of time for my final breath for all my dead peoples that neva got to see what’s next I was first Huey Newton they tried to kill my revolution denying me rights PROMISED by the constitution they raided my house daily looking for guns whatever they could pin me to my life was on the run I beat the cop killer case and every other case they wanted me put away I was just trying to help my race they was mad when those hollow points missed my face ended up shot in a bad deal now I return as Blak Ace I still can’t find the answers I looked for in the panthers all of our efforts but crack still spreads like cancer the 10 Point Program has been frogotten all our heros have been shot and Im just another black male tryin to do all I can All I wanted was to eat and pay the rent but they hate me for that and want me 6 feet below cement
  11. M.I.A (Chorus) For a long time I’ve been missing in action 15 years and still missing the action Planning on getting my money up And having war scared faction I shouldn’t pretend like im a saint Cause I aint, revenge is a great satisfaction (Chorus) Working hard no time for relaxation With so many stars to reach Still gotta teach a nation Make em listen Read and sign the petition I don’t always wanna rap On this map looking for positions Working the clock School and songs non-stop Hoping I can get paid for these creative phrases Teaching all them bitch niggas This aint a just a phase I promise ya im going strong till my dying days Even when im deceased My flos just wont decay Putting time into this constant grind While im still in my prime Makes for a amazing star A copy of you’ll never find Naw, he’s the **** Ya just can’t double em Turn up the treble, cause he’s a rebel Just straight troublesome So much drama Wit my mama Thought of suicide, woulda tried But don’t want her to die of posthumous trauma Don’t wanna be sick and corrupted Its just how it is Who knew my dad would have One twisted kid Son of a teacher Anointed to help others learn Wrong road, pick up the seeds ya sowed And make a sharp turn At the least Honest living I gotta earn Find a way to win without sin Or im headed for eternal burns But I yearn for the easy life Whole world of pretty girls No time for a sleazy wife I gotta have myself open Hoping for a brighter day Get out the ghetto In ya own way But now ya gotta change Once free from the chain Find a way out the game This is my lullaby Watching time passing All those that diss me Will be missing in action (Chorus) For a long time I’ve been missing in action 15 years and still missing the action Planning on getting my money up And having war scared faction I shouldn’t pretend like im a saint Cause I aint, revenge is a great satisfaction (Chorus) Misery Is all I have in my history? Thinking of my father Wonder if he’s missing me But I can’t live in the past Gotta make the present last God, can ya hear a nigga down here My biggest fear is ya turned a deaf ear to what I have to ask All I want is a better life than this one All the homies that went in out in the struggle Tell em we miss em So when we get to heaven Save me a seat Look in my heart and find good intent But for now, I gotta eat All my sins and transgression Still don’t stop me from stressing But ya blessings Strengthen ya presence Cause whoever seeks out god heart shall find Its his will I’ve been missin the action Cause satisfaction takes time Look in my eyes Through the windows of my soul Don be surprised If ya see a angel in disguise Never given a damn thing I had to make the grade and evade the snitches Now I rise Why them punk bitches cry (Chorus) For a long time I’ve been missing in action 15 years and still missing the action Planning on getting my money up And having war scared faction I shouldn’t pretend like im a saint Cause I aint, revenge is a great satisfaction (Chorus)
  12. i think we can just say that, even with mistakes, they still tryin to get out of they lifestyle. Go head man, get out, im wit cha, i aint mad at cha
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