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  1. yea thats whats up, hey when they gon hold the next BIG freestyle battle i gotta get on that junt before i ship out june 7 holla at ya boy oh yea where willisill at?????? i gotta call my homies out BUST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wickedwisdom:
  2. ayo back for more go ahead say you hardcore i spit full blast leavin you and yo rhyme sore im out here exposin that you a fool spittin in techniques dat make yo whole family go to rap school come on up the anne i rather battle yo granny play yo cards right i might say you straighter than sammie get enlightened or yo girl gone get tha writin im too satirical with words to ever need to get the fightin but if it comes to, like spiderman do ima have to pull my punches too cuz if i hit you its a achuu! then a bless you tha crowd gon be like oh my Don Jiggy he done destroyed these rap fools too quickly I guess im too sickly you know the crowd picky meanin that they pick me.................. .................. damn again ima be back
  3. aw yea true dat who da new jacks around im profound mo down and gained a grown man sound leave tha writin books in da corna im quick to get up on ya like california wit a beef cloggin ya lungs wit no relief i used to chief on that green leaf catchin a snoop high but now im all me and cant nothing be mo fye i laugh at how all my mean foes turn up like a nose i defeat em wit a pose like madonna wit her vogues................. .................. hold up ima be back im switchin classes damn it aint ova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. dat was real dog!!!!!! :thumbsup:
  5. JOE my homie we used to stay battlin of course Ill battle you HIT IT UP!!!!
  6. dig it. you inspired me check it ayo life is but a dream in mine my characters mean but all in tha same, im nice i seem im consumed by tha scene and dont kno my part i say thats how i end up, but i might of been that way from tha start lookin to the skies for a sign cuz im lost in da mind but damn near everytime the stars point at my rhyme and dats fine :sipread:
  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! whats up yall i havent been on the best website in ages. Where my old homies at we gotta battle and all that good stuff. all the new ppl i dont know do what u do we can battle too if u up to it
  8. good rhyme dat time i like to bust one anytime i kick da sickness wit da quickness leave u puckered like lime or well i mean well but my ears swell when i hear garbage rhymes from well... u kno da word and its upsurd the crowd aint kick it to da curb i cant stand it surprised nobody banned it kickflip i jus cant land it but i understand why my feet aint comin up high like da fools at school think drugs is da tool im on my skateboard like ooooo my bad got sidetracked let me get back to da soundtrak......
  9. u know what,u got da rhyme part down, but anyone can do that, what u need to do is actually talk about somethin, and dont worry about punch lines so much jus let em flo until u dont even kno its a punch line
  10. of course actually hearing da rhymes would be better than reading it,but as gangstarr said "its mostly da voice dat gets u up...some mcs got skill but if you aint got voice then u need to chill" im lunchin jus take a shot at it and RECORD like 1500 other dudes requested
  11. good one, i liked it i would bust one but im in da library and this sorta aint where my mode reacts, oh yeah joe u done got fye since the last time we used to battle. i might bust a lil freestyle do wut u feel if its real whether its skateboardin or blastin da steel i can feel da hostility when they witness me out and about skatin,not a z-boy but a beginner is wut im ratin da impression of my expression is free so its only common i skateboard,freestyle, and BE damn i wish i had a home computer,holla
  12. whoa! im not even gonna lie, neither do i jus wanna sound like im da sh!t, but dude that had to be the worse experience of a rhyme in my life. if i never heard rap before and u were to introduce it to me, i would probably be a singer. JUS GO BACK TO FORMULA AND FOR PEACE SAKE RHYME!!!!
  13. sounded pretty nice, the message was the highlight of course,because it seems only few of us have that talent to actually talk about somethin. good job!! i used to write stuff like dat back in da day rap names usually come in a weird way, i wont share my experience, but mine is Hemi
  14. that was a touching poem, i felt it all the way;you really need to win that 300 for real;or we gon jump the newspaper
  15. no excuses only executions yall suckers that lame i gotta kill yall fools cuz yall punks cant rap main what is this some bonnie and clyde sh!t if J-O-E tha bonnie then both of yall just straight b!tch thats all it can actually mean when you add it up yall both sayin its time for you to get mean, on this i cant help but laugh it up and i done seen rougher dudes in the choir yall sayin yall hard is as funny as richard pryor on fire (two different battlers mean two parts lol) you can hate don, love don, it dont matter i still come back wit rhymes thats juicier and fatter; than yours yeah rhymes sweatin out my pours i told you my rhymes are sick J-O-E got flu's and kbf got tha i wanna be tha man blues thats why i didnt notice at first, cryin game reactions maybe its the girl like qualities that she just lackin for the record im sixteen on da mic i dont get mean no need to cuz you can tell how raw i am when im seen yeah J-o-e i admit i switched tactics cuz i got tired of bein enclosed in them brackets if yo whole rhyme insults you aint got too much to talk about yo rhymes got better but mine without a doubt got better wit age flippin tha page aint gone neva be tha same cuz im different from before
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