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    Suicide Squad Marketing

    Not that surprising though, most superhero movies got a pretty low rewatch value as they are kind of dependent on innovation and surprise rather than twisted storylines and other types of "depth".
  2. I started to smoke weed in 2008 and since 2011 or so it has been my main activity, slowly but surely killing off any ideas of love, career, housing and other stuff adult people might want. There is this building in my town which is pretty much a hippie-ghetto, where there is a lot of people like me and we sort of pull eachother down though we have a lot of fun as well. I have tried more or less all other drugs as well but luckily not gotten sucked in to anything beside the weed. But tomorrow I am finally moving from this city where I have spent all my life... and its going to be nice with a fresh start. I intend to write a lot and avoid weed (though it is likely I will smoke if its shoved in my face) and build something that at least resembles the life of a grown-up.
  3. Lerkot

    New music - caution in the wild

    I dont use smartphones, anyone know how to hear it?
  4. I think he is terrified of rejection. He is obsessed with being succesfull, understandably when people have praised you, loved you and copied you since you were 17 years old. If he feels his music fails, he will be reluctant to try it again. When his "serious movies" failed, he went back to doing "sci-fi-superhero"-shiat because its where love came from. When he understood that he is no longer the hottest thing in the market and does no longer appeal to kids, he sent out his own to extend himself. And remember, the last time around he made music, "Lost & Found", he was more concerned with success than with the quality of the music - hence 50centish songs like "Switch" and "Party Starter" and the lack of Jeff. If he would release music today I'm not even sure it would be any good as he is without any doubt separeted from his roots and on a weird, confusing path to forgottenness.
  5. Lerkot

    Suicide Squad

    Saw it yesterday. Like with 98% of all Hollywood movies the first half hour is really good before it turns into this painful, boring mess that really force you into complete apathy regarding the story and the characters. Its bad, its been done before and there is no way of judging Will's performance since the script is ****.
  6. I've never really liked Will's movies: not only does he pick bad projects, but he is also below average as an actor. A few of his movies and performances are okay but in general really "meh". Just like with his rapping, his greatness is not in the technique, content or talent, it is more about pure, raw charisma. This charisma dies when it becomes obvious that you are very interested in money, exploiting your children and doing pretentious movies that he cant pull of because he is not the Morgan Freeman he believes he is every second movie, neither is he the superhero from the others. Until he realize who he is - a man with unheard of capacities to bring joy, laugther and creativeness, he will fail. He needs to sell those big ugly Hollywood house-ranches, move home to Philly and show his kids what a playground looks like; then we can relate to him and he can relate to us.
  7. Aaaand that was all for this year. Will Smith will return in 2017 at venues "Random Beach House" and "One of those clubs with millionaires".
  8. So I've heard the album version of this song like at least 1000 times and kind of out of nowhere I find this with a longer and completely different ending. Im sure must have missed out on this.
  9. Lerkot

    Was the Fiesta Remix a flop?

    The song was bad in every possible aspect and lacked all commercial/clubbing potential except for Will being a name in it. However I refuse to believe that he really thought it was gonna be a big hit... seems like something he did more for the fun of it.
  10. Really sad. I mean okey we lost a lot of great rappers of the years but none that really shaped my taste in music.. Phife Dawg though, true legend. Sad.
  11. I think he might still do three or four concerts but World tour etc - forget it. Gotta make another ten bad movies ensuring you're forgotten before the career is even over.
  12. Its something I love to see: its REAL!
  13. That Chris Rock and a couple of other comedians and what not makes fun of Will, "destroys him" and believes that he make the wrong decision and that some kind of "reputation" will suffer - all of this might be true. But if you are going to adapt your beliefs and decisions based on what others think you'll find yourself in a hole far worse than a suffered reputation and the cost of being laughed at. If he believes in what he says then he wont be affected by some well-paid comedian making well-paid jokes about it. It sure is pure bandwagonism to feel that Will should have attended the Oscar's because other prominent people thinks he should have. Yeah I know the world works like this: if a celebrity says something, then everyone wants to do or buy what the celeb says, and to not follow this pattern might seem unreasonable to a lot of people. But you know that's what creative and independent people do: they're basically saying "Im not taking decisions based on what jokes comedians might tell".
  14. They have all been on Youtube but at least the JJFP-non-singles are unavailable due to copyright-bull**** so I imagine most things gets taken down.
  15. Lerkot

    No new JJFP tracks

    Except they look like they're on crack I agree
  16. Lerkot

    Concussion Box Office

    "kids, you wanna see star wars or this headache movie with Will Smith?"
  17. Yeah its been posted before, it's great stuff though. Jeff sure knows his Rock the Bells :) fan 4ever: On the version posted five years ago on Youtube it says "Capital Radio" so I guess thats the source.
  18. There was a time when I only listened to JJFP and I'm still into old school hip hop but something people likely have missed out on BUT REALLY SHOULDNT is Parliament - Funkadelic in general and more specifically their live stuff. Its been eating my brainz out for the last couple of years in the best kind of way so I feel I need to share it with people who can dig a nice vibe. Let me give you three excellent examples of what I'm talking about. First of something straight forward- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-dRRbIWRQc The more chillaxing kind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZtgdoZD2t4 My personal favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVqutFDcs8A Edit: Dont know how to insert the links as video's, which would have been so smooth and nice..
  19. I dont know what criterias they use for their list but it's usually something in between "famousity" (thats a word right?) and cultural influence. Based on those criterias I think few hip hop acts deserve a spot in the top 100. Maybe Public Enemy because they brought the radicalism into hip hop, which has been kind of a cultural changer for good and bad... Tupac and maybe Outkast should have made the list (maybe they did, didnt see it through), Nelly and Chris Brown (I dont even know who this is) shouldnt. As for JJFP of course they would be in my top 10 but generally speaking I think its okey to leave them outside a list like this.
  20. As you all now (I think?) the group Will was in, before he met Jazzy, hade the name The Hypnotic 3 and Will was together with DJ Groove (Eric Harvey), Lord Supreme (Marc Forrest) and some guy called Jamie Fresh and of course Ready Rock C. Will kicked the Jamie och Supreme out of the team because he wanted to be the only rapper on scene (according to the article im reading on my computer screen). However DJ Groove stayed some time and he made some of the work to a couple of Rock The House-tracks... However my question is, do you guys think its possible to find anything from back then? I mean, maybe we should try to find out. Even if we on the forum know the most things, we sometimes get to hear stuff we didnt know, or didnt remember, existed, like Supercalafragalistic... what do you think? The might be sumthin somewhere?
  21. Aight I thought it would be nice with a little library. In this message you can check out all the information that has been written about a certain CD or track (and youre not into the search function) through all times (only the stuff in this forum tho haha). Unimportant stuff like Will being on TRL for five minutes a year ago is not in the library, and the same thing with most stuff regarding movies, other rappers and stuff like that. Forum/site related topics What happened to the old forum? Discussion about Will/Jeff visiting the site Tim wants to know if we want JJFP.com shirts Someones unhappy with the forum Wes is back - and he has written like a book about it Before the redesigning of the site Heros JJFP puzzle JJFP on other CDs than JJFP CDS/Mixes Hiphop Box DJ GTS Will mix Word about Word 1 and 2 AJ tells us about the non-album jjfp stuff How... How many tracks have Fresh Prince recorded How tall is Jeff/Will How to get rare stuff How to get JJFP albums/posters/other stuff How many albums have Will/Jeff done How people get into JJFP Caption Contest Contest I Contest II Willreigns contest Willreigns second contest Willreign with another caption Caption Contest 3 Caption by Willreign again Willreigns fourth contest Willreign with a new contest TopDawgs caption A Dog Is A Dog slaughtering downloading person + A Dog Is A Dog talk Brand New Funk Jim reminds us of the smoothness of BNF and Summertime Cant Wait To Be With You Cant Wait To Be With You - deep Girls Aint Nothin But Trouble Talkin about the original GANBT version Girls Aint Nothin But Trouble "FPoBA version" Guys Aint Nothin But Trouble Guys Aint Nothin But Trouble questions and thoughts I Wanna Rock I Wanna Rock versus Pump Me Up Im Looking For The One Im Looking For The One - underrated Im Looking For The One video version Just Kickin It Just Kickin it/diss tracks discussion Just One Of Those Days Just One Of Those Days appreciation Jeff Waz On The Beatbox Jeff Waz On The Beatbox appreciation post Live At Union Square (november 1986) Photos from Union Square 86-question FP cussin at union square? 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  22. Lerkot

    Wills house?

    Anyone got any photos of Wills house?
  23. Normally, I post things in the Lerkot music-topic. But since this is our first music video, I just need to post it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpcDpUnXeLc
  24. I was just watching some random sitcom called Clueless, episode 31. They made some half-funny jokes involving Will, with some cool music references. It was a scene where some kind of secretary was supposed to call Will Smith and he said "Should I check under F as in Fresh or P as in Prince?" and later, when on the phone, this dude says "It was a smart move to dump Jazzy Jeff, I think he held you back". Smith seems to answer something (but you cant here it) and the secretary dude gets worried and answers "Oh, but you know, he's a good musician as well" or something like that. Not worth seeing, but a bit cool anyway..