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yeah, it is best to be friendly at first. Then get serious as time goes by. Just ask for his name and get friendlier and friendlier, and then ask is you two want to see a movie together or something. Then you can give him the signals and such.

oddly enough, I just started dating this girl named Julie, lol.

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2 KEV:

My best advice would be getting your name out there and trying 2 start relationships with people in a similar field. Book have lot of info, but experience is the best teacher. I've learned so much by doing theater and i've learned alot about business since i've taken over the photography studio i work at. U just wanna soak up all the knowledge u can and never let it go...if it doesn't apply 2 something now, it will later. Approach someone who can give u the game or take u under their wing by talking about THEM and praise their work and success. That will get them on your side and let them know u are interested in what they do and see if they'll give u a job or share info or even show u around. Be bold but curtious.


I think that your situation is easier than u think (not that i know tho'). I think maybe u should take a break when the guy comes in next time. Be outside when he leaves so u can be there 2 attack...ha ha. Spark up a convo by talking 2 the dog and then talk about the dog or ask ?uestions. From there u say how u've noticed him coming and ask if he'd like to get together.

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I'm wanting to start my own small business. But i just don't know where to start. Has anyone considered taking this route themselves and how did you get started.

A wise slogan once said "Just Do It" I know a lot of people who've talked about starting this or that business, but that's as far as most of them take it. In my view, the most important thing is to start doing things. Plans are good, but they don't accomplish anything by themselves. And regardless of how much you study it and plan for it, you don't really know what you're doing till you try (and frequently mess up) a few times.

I started a software company a few years ago. To get started I, in this order, developed a product, went down to the local government building to registered a company name, registered a website, developed a website, and setup an account with a merchant. Of course your steps will likely be different depending on the type of business you're starting.

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i need to be drunk its so much easier that way.

don't do it Julie... think of the animals! :lol:

Yeah... and people need to learn to talk without being drunk. I think its pretty weak to get drunk just to be more open, like some do. Being open needs training, drinking makes it like using stereoids to get a better body. Its weak and lame.

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some people lack in confidence and need it. nah i know u shouldnt use alcohol to help, but u have to admit its easier that way. Slightly off topic my boss let me drink once in work, my workmate was leaving and the boss brought in "low alcohol" wine, it was like 4% it wasnt that low. That was a fun afternoon.

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Lerkot i understand what your saying, but a bit harsh using them terms.

Alcohol does make you more confident but shouldnt be used just for that cause. Its a socialising drink, thats what its good for.

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