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yeah be aptient is the best in this case, the guy is dirt like u said...soon or late he'll make sumthin really stupid, then u can "attack" :thumbsup:

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Hey Jim I know how you feel dawg, it's like that DMX song, good girls fall for bad guys, lol, really I personally don't quite understand it, never have understood it, maybe they feel sorry for them and think they could turn them around I guess, btwJim if Rachael really tells you that she's sick of George and she wants to be with you and messages you so much don't fight the feeling just go with the flow and see what happens, and then she could see that she'll be getting on to that "Grown Man Buisiness" like that Brian Mcknight song

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since your post was nice n long, tho enjoyable...I didnt read all of the replies (so excuse me if i repeat anything here LOL)

You are not in a position to help her realize that this dude is a 'dirtbag', and its not true that she don't deserve to be with him,...but the opposite. He doesnt seem to deserve to be with HER... but your point was understood.

There's a huge difference in what you have to offer her, versus what he clearly doesn't offer her. Sometimes when we (chiks & guys too) get emotionally attached with (Mr. or Ms. wrong) its real hard to shake loose, because we know its hard to fall 'out of 'supposedly' love overnight. The best thing that you have going for yourself, is the fact that you can spend time with her to let your character outshine his. Most people overdo it, when they like sumone, and go out of their way to impress the object of their attraction, but as long as you be true to yourself, your values, and the man that you are growing to become, she will eventually notice the attractiveness about you that outweighs what she finds attractive in him.

Give her some space also. Don't always be available when she calls, or if she asks you to go somewhere, (i know it will be HARD LOL),... but give her a reason to THINK about you when shes with him,...by saying that you are buzy. I'm not at liberty to say hes a 'loser', because i don't know the guy. Don't push up on her either, because its gotta flow naturally, if its meant to be. Quickly jumping into something, will end just as quickly. As she slowly start liking you, this 'love transformation' lol.... will begin to open her eyes to a better option of a relationship...which we all hope will be with you.. at the same tyme...she will begin to see all the wrong things about him... but as i said b4,...its not your place to do this... just RELAX boii!!!

whatever is meant to be WILL BE... if love has to be proven, its not worthy of your time. Its up to her to recognize the finer qualities that you possess. If all else fails, her loss, because some lovely young lady will be thankful that she wasnt 'with it'... know what i mean bruh???..

i can go into more details...but i gotta prepare dinner for my fam.


good luck..

i love these topics btw... lol



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