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50 Cent To Executive Produce LL Cool J's Next Album


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Yeah the thing is most 50 Cent fans probably look at LL as a corny and soft ol' school rapper and most LL fans probably look at 50 Cent as an immature rapper, I don't think many fans'll be actually anticipating this, Def Jam's marketing team must be pretty stupid to let this idea come out like this, Marley Marl, Cut Creator,and Rick Rubin would be the perfect way for LL to go back to his ol' school roots, I'd imagine that there'll be some rappers that might be dissing LL's credability for teaming up with 50 Cent 'cause 50 Cent's not that respected of a rapper in the game, I could understand though how the similarities between LL and 50 might be when they were younger, when LL released "Walking With A Panther" he probably received as much criticism as 50 did releasing "The Massacre" since he was rapping about a lot of material things and hoes just as much as 50 has been lately, of course "Walking With A Panther" has better songs than "The Massacre" but he really didn't rap about much subject matter then, LL matured over the years and maybe he might be helping 50 mature as well so maybe that's why he's reaching out to him to rap with more substance, either that or they're just gonna rap about hoes and Bentley's together and both lose credability, lol, Fat Joe probably feels as confused as some of us 'cause he considers LL his favorite rapper and now he hears that's working with his enemy

get together and rap about hoes, lol :lolsign: :lolsign: but yeah thats the thing maybe LL sees this and how 50 is losing his credibility and wants to try and help him to do this since their both from queens, its exactly as bigted said LL had to come through this and he produced one hell of an album, so maybe thats his drive to make his decision and spend time with 50 on this upcoming project, however i still feel 50 wont gain any credibility from me anyway, and i guess we'll just have to wait and see what the album will be like from LL.

But otherwise i agree with bigted completely.

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I don't know what to say, I'm shocked, why are all these legends like Michael Jackson and LL Cool J want to work with somebody like 50 Cent for?:

Easy, ratings, popularity, recognition, sales etc.

Michael Jackson is at his lowest point musically.

LL hasn't really been accepted by the general music audience, and his sales

have been limited to other artists such as eminem, mariah, 50 etc.

They think with 50 they can get that recognition they wanted for a long time,

sales will go up and they can get their popularity back on track.

It's sad to see the music industry being centered around sales,

it used to be about quality of music and now it's just about sales.

I'm just shocked at the general music audience favouring garbage music,

they are killing the music industry.

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It's all very "Jay-Z" 2 me. Since The Carter Administration is running things at Def Jam, with some success stories (Rihanna, Ne-Yo, LL) and some others (nearly everyone else), it just seems forced and out of LL's character. Think about it, dropping an album right after the last (aka, rushed, not thought out, etc), collabing for the whole album with someone who seems more like a money making plan rather than an artistic move. Just not what the real LL fans want.

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I think it's time for LL to leave Def Jam, that's why he's trying to rush out another album so the contract could expire, Jay-Z' too busy hanging out with Beyonce and recording another album to run the label, they need better leadership at that label...

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I personally think it'll help LL sell records which could be great for him, he needs to get his message out. have ya'll heard the song the did togather ??? its hot... dont get me wrong i hate 50

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Thinking about this even more, why should LL rush out another album? It's just not necessary. He should just pack up his material and do his last album somewhere else. But then again, it might be that "Def Jam" legacy he's tryna uphold. One artist who has a career for so long at one label and managed to stay a moderate success. If LL is in such a hurry to work with one artist/producer, he should let Rick Rubin and whoever else produced his very very 1st album. That would truly be Back To Cool.

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LL's falling off...

The first problem is that he's rushing to make another album... I think he should wait, perhaps do a few other things, otherwise people will grow tired of him. As someone else said, he wants to stay relevant, but if that means following the pattern that these new rappers have set, I'd rather he lose that relevance...

The second problem is that it's with 50... I don't understand, and I won't pretend to. It's disappointing... A rapper of LL's status shouldn't be working with one of 50's... That's like Shaq seeking out Shawn Bradley so that they can work out together... A superstar shouldn't be seeking out scrubs...

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After this heartbreaking newz about the death of Hip-Hop...(okay, maybe i'm being a bit over dramatic), i picked up the current issue of Ebony with LL on the front in hopes of having my worries erased. The article waz done b4 this news tho.' In the article, when it comes 2 music, Cool J says that Hip-Hop is different these days, but not any better or worse than back in the day. I agree with that statement overall, but he's speaking commerically, i can't agree. He talks about making music 4 the love of it and hearing his records on the radio...and NOT 4 the fame and fortune. He also talked about Todd Smith. Saying that how he looks at the album as a very positive and personal kinda record (i agree) and how his collabos represent his ability 2 work with people from all over the industry. He says that he sees fans listening 2 the album a year or 2 from now and still picking new things up from the album and liking it even more down the road.

Back on topic tho'...i still can't understand why he would work with 50 Cent. It's honestly a nightmare 2 me. I'm guessing he's not happy with what Jay-Z has done with Def Jam and wants 2 take his career 2 a label that makes him feel at home. That would explain why he's working with someone who has a proven ability 2 not be anywhere near his own level, and is releasing a "Part 2" album...and not a real album. Who knows tho'...50's input could be very limited and this album could turn out dope. We'll find out kinda soon. Since the newz has had a few days 2 sink in, i must say that i'm extreem disappointment is matched by my extreem excitement 4 a new album.

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