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50 Cent To Executive Produce LL Cool J's Next Album


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I don't know what to say, I'm shocked, why are all these legends like Michael Jackson and LL Cool J want to work with somebody like 50 Cent for?:


50 Cent, LL Cool J Team Up To Prove NYC Reigns Supreme On Todd Smith Sequel

07.05.2006 6:00 AM EDT

LL says pair focusing on making fall album 'as hot as it can be.'

LL Cool J

BEVERLY HILLS, California- Two of New York's finest MCs are joining forces for an album.

LL Cool J recently revealed that 50 Cent will executive-produce his next LP, Todd Smith, Part 2: Back to Cool, which is due in the fall.

"It's my last Def Jam record so I wanted to make it something special and something really unique and kinda get back to my roots a little bit," LL said. His debut album, 1985's Radio, was the label's first-ever full-length release. "50 reminds me a lot of the things that I used to do and the places I used to be in my life, and I think we can have a good time together.

"He's talented and I feel like I have something I want to say - I think he can help me get it off my chest."

LL and 50 can currently be heard together, along with Lloyd Banks and Hot Rod, on the remix of LL's "Freeze," which he's calling "You Can Bump This." The two are still working out how much 50 will rap on the new album, and whether anyone else from G-Unit will appear.

"I don't know if I'm gonna do as many collaborations on this record," said LL, whose most recent release, April's Todd Smith, is packed with stars (see "With Blige, J. Lo, Foxx On Board, LL Cool J's New LP Is A Guest Fest"). "I think that me and 50 is enough."

The two Queens-bred MCs have yet to start recording but have talked at length about the music. "We're definitely putting our heads together, we definitely have subject matter in mind and I'm definitely focused on making it as hot as it can be," LL said.

LL was in Los Angeles to collect the Golden Note Award at June's American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers' Rhythm & Soul Music Awards, which is given to songwriters who have achieved extraordinary milestones. His 21-year career has yielded nine platinum LPs and two Grammys.

"I'm a blessed guy, I'm lucky," LL said. "I didn't know it would end up like this. It's pretty wild."

— Corey Moss

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The way it's looking, with LL saying that this is his last Def Jam release, he's probably gonna sign to G-Unit, he should just hang up the mic and do more movies instead of doing that, he's gonna lose a lot of respect 'cause G-Unit is not credible at all, I really hope this don't happen :damnyou:

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You know me I'm one of LL's biggest fans and I just don't understand what motivation could somebody 50 Cent give LL Cool J to make a great album? LL's been the most consistant rapper ever, he don't need a lowlife, inconsistant rapper such as 50 Cent to help him make an album... If LL goes to G-Unit, that'd be like Jordan going to a garbage team like the Wizards or Willie Mays limping off the field with the Mets but probably even worse than that, LL's gonna tarnish his legacy doing this, it's not a good look, if LL needs 50 Cent to help him make an album then he must have lost it, I just don't understand why, this could be career suicide...

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Oh dear! now why would he go and do that?

There is only 1 reason why a legend like LL Cool J would do an album with 50 cent.....

SALES! :sick:

Yeah that's true, LL's gonna lose all respect from his original fans just to have millions of white girls to buy his albums :ponder: He's one of the highest selling rappers of all time already though so that's why it's a lil' shocking though, he has more platinum plaques than 50'll probably have albums released, it's not like all of his albums flop, that'd be like Will doing an album with Bow Wow, don't make sense, LL could work with more talented artists and still sell a lot plus keep credability, why not work with Busta or DMX and make

great music selling millions instead of doing teenybopper **** with 50 and the G-String girls?.. He don't need 50 but I guess it's only about the money now

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Calm down yall...its not the end of the world because one of the crappiest rappers out their is gonna produce for a legendary emcee. That would completely suck if 50 spits any rhymes on LL's album though.

Lets not jump to conclusions just yet about LL joining "Good for nothing Unit".

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well i dont really care since i dont listen to LL Cool J. i feel you guys pain tho, it must suck. i can see what some people are saying with the fact that 50 is only executive producing and not necessarily rapping, but its not like 50's beats are good so i dont really see anything to be gained from workin with 50.

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The album isn't called "LL Cool G & 50 Cent". it's not coming out on GUNIT. 50 is Executive producing it...

that doesn't even mean he'll be making the beats. Jay Z Executive Produced the Fort Minor joint. All he did was oversee the project, and donate Bills to it. It was still ALL mike, it was still on Mikes Label.

Executive Producer isn't the same as being on the album (though LL did say he'd feature him on it), and it's not the same as making the beats for an album.

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