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What a day :thumbdown: .... todays attacks on me :stars:

Today, 12:07 PM Jazzy Julie Lost 11741 Gold 20 0 0 1903 622 Details

Today, 11:39 AM fresh_from_sofia Lost 2411 Gold 5 0 0 20545 553 Details

Today, 10:17 AM reborn2reign Lost 22648 Gold 20 0 0 9063 627 Details

Today, 08:03 AM MaxFly Lost 29800 Gold 20 0 0 18067 668 Details

Today, 04:36 AM MaxFly Lost 31695 Gold 20 0 0 16262 602 Details

Today, 12:43 AM Snoopygal Lost 22066 Gold 20 0 0 10947 675 Details

I'm mad now, really mad so sleep with one eye open :tantrum:

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Hmm this game seems to be moving very slowly. I seem to remember the other game getting off to a much quicker start..

Possibly because people we were posting 100 times a day to catch up with Chief. This time around, things are far more balanaced.

I actually like it more this time around.

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....however you would measure a bit is up to you........

Schnazz measures a bit as 1/8th of a byte. Schnazz finds that amusing.

Don't overestimate schnazzs intelligence :kekeke:

Just remember, Schnazz is smarter than Hero. :hmm:

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