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Chief I see you.. 12 covert operatives huh.. you may have a big candle..but my candles bigger .. I mean how many intelligence files do you need when you got an army as large as yours :lolsign: :lolsign: I think you're getting a little cocky in that number 1 position :rofl:

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I was up till after 4 am this morning, tryna figure out alla that stuff, and lo and behold discovered that im as incompetent in this 'game' as any1 could imagine. lmbo. i guess imma hafta do a bit more reading, studying and strategizing before i even TRY to play against any of u guys. lol... especially ppl who dont have nothing to do at WORK asides play on the computer,... aint that right Chief? LOL

good 2 see u guys having a blast tho! :2thumbs:



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