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Right, yeah, I'm a clown. Sure, whatever. A real man is someone who is comfortable with who they are. I am comfortable with who I am, even when I'm attacked by girls and left with eye liner, eye shadow and straightened hair. I'm all man, baby. Chief, we still on for next weekend? ;)

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Theres no point in me being in it either, just for the reason is that I got 10 army with no money...people rob it of me because I have a life and it's obvouis people do a Lerkot and stay on the board for 48 hours straight to be the king of this game.

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the cheek of chief :1-eek: . i come online and ppl have stolen my money, so fair enough i stole thiers. So im using up my attacks and stealing it back and as it grows i think, hmm should i put it in the bank now, but then i think, no bcoz im gonna spend it in a minute and i will waste some money by doing that.

I attack some1 else to find chief has taken the money which i owned for all of 10 seconds. Then when i attack him back i gained about 50 coins or something coz he already banked it. grrr

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