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Incidentally, how much gold do people start off with in the beginning?

About 80,000 I think?

And Julie was complaining about a measly little 68k... Please...

I think Luigie (the "cash cow" :lolsign: ) has the most reason to complain. I daily strip him of about 50,000. This morning I got 70,000. :2thumbs: :lolsign:

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how do you get that much off people i only can get about 20k and i got a war hammer..i dont understand....and they usually have about 30-40k in gold

What rank are you?

rank 11

Oh, ok, I wasn't seeing your name and I forgot that it was changed.

The amount of gold you get is dependent on how many turns you attack with, the number of soldiers that are trained, and the number of weapons you have.

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