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I have observed Chiefs army, and it will soon become the topping on my bread. Such a display of power on the battlefield usually means that people are trying to compensate for other -personal- shortcomings.

Yes I think Chief is definitely suffering from big candle envy. He's overcompensating with a huge army, but even though he may have a war hammer I'm sure he cries himself to sleep at night. See if your the bread, Chief is the crust, no one wants him and he just gets thrown in the bin as if he didnt exist.

And while the crust is the part of the bread that is currently all-encircling, the crust is the part of the bread that gets baked. I will bake the crust to such an extent that it will flake off. It will either flake off, or I will cut it off. Either way, the beauty within, the bread, me, will flourish, having been sheltered under the wing of the crust for all too long. Times change. Toppings change. Crusts get chewed off, eaten, spat out, cut off, fed to the birds, or binned. But the bread stays the same.

The bread gets eaten too... Not trying to ruin your moment here... I'm just saying...

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what if the bread gets mouldy though.. can you still get a siege upgrade?

No need. Bread goes stale before it goes mouldy. People lose interest in the bread, so the bread sits there, developing a hard internal and external protective shell (without the confinds of the crust). All-dominating. All-conquering. All-triumphant. Who would set siege to one mouldy slice of bread? I mean, really?

So you see, gentlemen, your troops will become the topping. You cannot defeat the bread.

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but if the spread is perfectly even..the spread will infact overpower the bread with its mass..leaving the bread rendered dead..unable to breath.. See chief may be jam or jelly..but I'm thick peanut butter..Yep my forces stick to the roof of your mouth..and even though you've attempted to eat us..you still cant get rid of our army.. no matter how much yeast you put in your bread.. we stick like glue.. hmm glue.. This is the annual bread convention and nutrition forum right :ohdear:

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But is your peanut butter spread over the bread, or is the bread spread over your peanut butter? Ok, so assuming you eat the bread. The bread gets inside you, and can devour you from within, taking advantage of your unprotected internal organs. You can splash out on material gains, an outer crust, an outer shell, your fortress, your weapons, your guards, but when somebody breaks you down and crumbles your infrastructure from within, you are left powerless. Fine. Eat the bread. It will be your last meal.

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