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Check out Switch Music Video @ WillSmith.com

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after so long u start to forget lyrics.

IN VIDEO:In this part of song will is trying to get me to dance and I don't want to because I play a girl that thinks she's too cute to get sweaty.haha.


SWITCH clap clap clap clap
SWITCH clap clap clap clap

(ladies sing) ooh la la la la

(breakdown beat slows down)

Oh what, you think u too cute to dance?

(rhythm speeds up really fast...remix beat or something)

points to me... i finally start dancing.

thats what I'm talkin' bout do that dance

that's what i'm talkin' bout do that dance

HOPE THAT was somewhat informative.
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hey model in the first verse.. isnt there sum line like "thought you could come dancin in the club nekkid?" or sumthin along those lines... thanks for all this information by the way!!! every1s been hangin out to see the video... if u wanna see what jeff looks like just look at the picture at the top of this page..thats jeff and will performin just a few months ago..so yeah jeff and will are still close...
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the video should be huge and model feels good 'bout it so it makes us all happy. um, shouldn't be doin this here but a rather sad 3rd anniversary of 9/ 11 to all my people on this board especially the americans. i hope we all commemorated today.

and speakin' of anniversaries, will's is comin' up on the 25th (36 yrs!). what are we gonna do 'bout it? wouldn't it be great if he released the video on that day?
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[quote=bigwill,Sep 17 2004, 05:53 AM][quote=bigwill,Sep 17 2004, 06:50 AM] yoyo i can't wait till it's out man. Will is tha best for sure :thumb: can't wait to  :dj:  his music[/quote]
oohw man i heard the new single is hot man. I can't wait till it's out. will your'e the best :bowdown: [/quote]
do you mean switch or got to be real? if switch were did you hear it?? :scared2:
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I think that BigA is saying that he has heard that switch IS a hot, not that he has actually heard it

I could be wrong though
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